Disney Cruise Line Premieres 3-D Theaters at Sea with Bolt

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22 Responses to “Disney Cruise Line Premieres 3-D Theaters at Sea with Bolt”

  1. TheMovieMaster10 says:

    Disney is ALWAYS a step? forward in technology

  2. MrDTproductiions says:

    I saw Alice in wonderland In? 3d on the ship

  3. KITT33N says:

    a.? cost = totally the reason for me! I hear yuh!

  4. hornattack says:

    aaw, what is your medical disability? because disney can accomidate? you to your needs depending on the situation

  5. johnnyluver178 says:

    alright you all can stop braggin now very happy for you all, but not everyone can go on cruises or go on fancy trips, my family? can barely afford the trips we go one every summer we stay in the state i live and a rent a cabin, ts hard for my family to go places,

    a. cost
    b. i have a medical disibility

  6. freshPrincess626 says:

    aw, have fun. my family did the same? vacation back in 2000.

  7. cruisesstar22 says:

    Awsome! Your videos are good i like them. Even your disney video cruise line one 5stars for all of yall.:) comment my and rate if yall like too yall dont have to.:)?


    SORRY? FOR YOU!!!!!

  9. Meggimoo1078 says:

    im? going on the disney cruise in october. me and my family r goin on the disney wonder on 3 night cruise combineded with a walt disney world vacation!!!! im SOOO EXCITED!!!!

  10. justin900 says:

    the 3d glasses they’re using is an anaglyph one right?the one with those red and blue lens?
    but? that glasses is very cool!

  11. BPMrecords says:

    i got to see bolt onboard? the magic. it was awesome!

  12. Mckilla66 says:

    i? give up

  13. Mckilla66 says:

    ok that didn’t come out right…
    what i was trying? to say was

  14. Mckilla66 says:



  15. damosher1 says:

    Have taken many of the DCL cruises and this is? a great addition. I can’t wait to see what else they will add in the future!

  16. LyndonLS says:

    yeah I went to disneyland once and disneyworld once. also universal hollywood, orlando, and only seaworld in? california. I want to go back so bad!

  17. oilers000 says:

    your luckey 15 times i only went there 1? time

  18. 0xMZx0 says:

    omg im so? excited!! im leaving for disney thanksgiving morning!! it will be my 15th time there!!!!
    i really want to go on a cruise sometime, but my mom would get seasick. deffinitly going when im older

  19. seeboo829 says:

    How sad, this? looks so cool. My family will be on the Disney Wonder Nov 25. Hope they have it on our trip too.

  20. SnowWhite1 says:

    It’s probably been booked already. This is probably just? a surprise! “You get to go on a cruise AND you get to be the first ones to see a 3-D film at sea!” The next round of tickets will sell fast.

  21. kekegurl123 says:

    omj and i thought it couldnt get better! i went on the Wonder this previous summer for the 2nd time and had a blast! they had FREE ICECREAM, awesome kids clubs, fantastic shows, and all the? characters u culd imagine!

  22. BlakeBeat says:

    I think it will be really annoying to have a movie be in? true 3D. But that’s just me.