Disney Cruise Line Makes Inaugural Visit to New York

Greeted by the Statue of Liberty and excited New Yorkers, the Disney Fantasy made her grand arrival to the Big Apple this morning where she will be christened in preparation for her March 31 maiden voyage from Florida. Check out the video!
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Visit www.InsideTheMagic.net for more about the newly-announced itineraries and destinations for Disney Cruise Line! In 2013, Disney Cruise Line will be expanding to reach destinations around the globe it never has, with a new port in Miami and cruises sailing to more Caribbean destinations as well as returning to Europe.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Disney Cruise Line Makes Inaugural Visit to New York”

  1. Derbr001 says:

    It actually stopped at Ponta Delgada, Portugal? before going to New York…

  2. doe26449 says:


  3. maricris1011 says:

    this ship past my? house litterly i live rite next to the verrazano bridge

  4. jordan12fication says:

    I? realized theres 1 dislike for this vid I guess it was you

  5. MultiSocoro says:

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  6. jonpilot says:

    american’s are dumb….disney isn’t real!?

  7. alexion56 says:

    someone doesnt like? it -.- thumbs up for that

  8. aetuosfh says:


  9. kylex221 says:

    its 3 am and I’m still procrastinating over my english homework which? is due later…

  10. BritishLevel says:

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  11. valdesiscoming says:

    ??? ????????? ??????????,?? ????? ????????? ????? ?????,????? ??????????? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ?????????????!

  12. haioriflameNo1 says:

    it’s my? dream

  13. WillHawk22 says:

    I anyone goin? the week of june 9th

  14. jenns1414 says:

    April 21st? cant come sooon enuf!!

  15. Gleek2015babe says:

    I can’t wait to go? on it!!

  16. Redneck0creations says:

    I’m? on maiden voyage

  17. TheBillsfan96 says:

    i get to go on the second official? voyage ! 😀

  18. brianabubblegum says:

    I? wanna go !!!!

  19. davidgeller says:

    Looks great! New Yorkers are lucky to have? seen it. We once cruised with the Fantasy’s cruise director. Brent, I think. Great personality.

  20. URUMIKLET says:


  21. nyjetfandma says:

    Amazing can’t wait to go on? it.

  22. deemac2010 says:

    hi to answer you question no the ship does not go to the usa after cruise in may she does a turnaround and off again for 7 days around the med i was on disney med in august and as soon? as we got off the boat on one side there were people gettin in the other side for their cruise

  23. unchartedfanman says:

    yeh that’s what? i said

  24. Moises Garcia says:

    i have a question…i want to book for may 2013 to the europe cruise but in the itinerary it doesnt show that the ship comes back to the u.s like every other itinerary ive seen in the website. does it come back or do? i have to book for the way back? because it seems aweful cheap.

  25. shearmans5 says:

    Disney always does things with such grace and style. I can wait till I see? the Med Disney style!

  26. 1DawnMarie1 says:

    I better start saving my? pennies now!!

  27. garnilsen says:

    Where can I find that place @ 4:06 in the video? That is too? beautiful!

  28. Gr8DaysOutUK says:


  29. dingmandingman says:

    Nice wish i? could go