Disney Cruise Line Bus video 1/2

Disney Cruise Line Bus video 1/2

From the airport to Port Canaveral to board the Disney cruise lines 2/2? www.youtube.com

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30 Responses to “Disney Cruise Line Bus video 1/2”

  1. Manafichu says:

    Who is the voiceover in the? video? He narrates about every single Disney Parks thing I’ve seen so far.

  2. Anissa kosick says:

    I mite go next year I am so? exited!

  3. monkey2152253 says:

    Don’t? ruin it

  4. 1mebeawesome says:

    1 max doesn’t sound dumb he sounds like what walt disney thought a? teenager did in the seventies 2 chip and dale are ordering acorn for themselves 3 it’s the same announcer

  5. 1mebeawesome says:

    5 more days until i leave for flordia then the next day we board the dream then me and the rest of the girls in my family are taking a? five day girls trip in disney world so exited

  6. shelley patrick says:

    This is so cool. I’m on disney fantasy for my birthday but first i get to? spent the day in wdw

  7. ventrillo9 says:

    IN? about a week I’m going on the disney magic can’t wait

  8. survivorgurl94 says:

    i said from the airport not to ?

  9. 1mebeawesome says:

    they show this on the bus on the way to the cruise not on the way? to the airport

  10. 1mebeawesome says:

    thank you sooooo much i love this? video it’s soo entertaining it’s the best quality i’ve found

  11. Tendoking says:

    I’ve never been? on the Disney Cruise, so it’s nice to see this video. Thanks for posting it, pluchan.

  12. survivorgurl94 says:

    Im going on one but the only reason im watching it ahead because im going to go? there from the airport by taxi

  13. unidmarty1 says:

    @02808’s has flying? Continental Airlines

  14. sunnysnsd1000 says:

    @jdowney429 u mean? than

  15. sunnysnsd1000 says:

    @jdownet429 u mean than?

  16. kmoney2800 says:

    At first? I thought there was a crying kid in the movie! LOL!

  17. jdowney429 says:

    I love watching the video on the way, it gets me even more? excited then I already am.

  18. rayblack2004 says:

    yeah STFU? rugrat!

  19. weatherfreak123 says:

    how does a? wanted poster count as id

  20. terrelle90410 says:

    shhh? baby!!

  21. monkey2152253 says:

    Stitch on a wanted poster? lol

  22. svhwdwnut says:

    those? characters talk a lot like my friends in the hallway on my trips

  23. maricris1011 says:

    @simbaholic haha I went on? the Disney magic on dec.4 through dec.11 2010

  24. Simbaholic says:

    This? makes me want to go on a Disney Cruise.

  25. SithLordRico says:

    i love it?

  26. Andrew Taylor says:

    I’m going on this cruise in 21 days I’ve been on it before? it’s so awesome

  27. kitkel4 says:

    The Sky is? great!

  28. Brianmystic2 says:

    Norwegian? Sky was awful…


  29. donnalovesarchie says:

    NCL = FTW (;?

  30. yamilvlog says:

    im going to the? bahamas in 21 days in this ship!!!!
    Ridiculously excited since its my first cruise!!!