Disney Cruise Line Begins New Ship Construction

In true Disney style and complete with confetti and pixie dust, Captain Mickey along with Disney Cruise Line President Karl Holz and Meyer Werft Managing Partner Bernard Meyer celebrated Disney Cruise Lines first steel cutting ceremony at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.
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Carnival Cruise Lines - Conquest Class

Carnival Cruise Lines – Conquest Class

39 Responses to “Disney Cruise Line Begins New Ship Construction”

  1. howardkevinm says:

    and? it only cost people $8000 for a week cruise for one! yay for ripp

  2. alertpan501 says:

    We are looking into an all inclusive for early next year. I got some decent info from cruisesforthefamily? (.) com

  3. siththee says:

    go to five star? hotel and meet bbw naneedj.info

  4. schoolsucks161 says:

    I will if I have time,? and remember! (:

  5. cmsahe says:

    shoot a video diary and share it with us all please! :D?

  6. schoolsucks161 says:

    I’m going on the Disney? Dream in February!! 😀

  7. angelazni96 says:

    I am so proud of them :’) lol?

  8. crazymonkeyballs1 says:

    what the hell

  9. TheMovieMaster10 says:

    I saw a picture they had most? of the boat built!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Oreodogable says:


  11. brandtaylor93 says:

    is there a way? I can get construction updates.

  12. beaum1cah says:

    at this point the only way disney is gna slow down is if sum1 bombs both parks? and sinks all 4 ships tht might get them slowed down a little bit

  13. PeaceLuva882 says:

    lol. why are all of the? cruise lines naming their ships the “dream”??

  14. PLeyava says:

    They have? a standing relationship with the present company.

  15. Cruisexpert96 says:

    there are also? the Cunard ships

  16. ironwill1979 says:

    The Disney Dream will set sail in 2011, and the DCL itineraries are supposed to? be announced sometime this fall. Disney Fantasy will be in 2012, which will likely be announced in Fall 2010.

  17. ironwill1979 says:

    Either Meyer-Werft came in with a better bid, or? Fincantieri was booked for the next few years and couldn’t meet DCL’s time line.

  18. fefemyluv says:

    The 7th floor is the best floor! Pricey (VIP suites) but it definitely beats the others. The amenities and? bars are great!!!! The staff is awesome, also.

  19. carnivalfunships1 says:

    The ships in the Conquest family I have been on? is the Freedom and the Valor.

  20. Heiricka says:

    My first cruise was aboard my dream ship, the Conquest sailing out of Galveston. They? are all so wonderful. How do you choose??

  21. wasmapus says:

    I love all videos? based on Carnival, especially yours! Can you make one showing all the Carnival Ships ever made?

  22. MrBanana1240 says:

    All. Can’t? choose. Great vessles.

  23. 94silveradoguy says:

    Sailed on the Conquest in May 2010. Enjoyed it very much. Heading to Alaska in May 2012?

  24. Piepeoples says:

    Been on valor nice? cruise

  25. parrthd1 says:

    I have? been on the Triumph, You are missing the Triumph in this Video

  26. shugocharaamv says:

    i went on the carnival conquest i just got back yesterday?

  27. Vlad0wnsyoass says:

    @CoolCarnival went on it feb 07?

  28. jmaster707 says:

    ive been on all of these? i like the carnival glory the best

  29. cruisegal97 says:

    i went on the liberty a few months back this summer? i love cruising and want to be a cruise director the liberty is a very nice ship

  30. numberJ5 says:

    Wow, a whole bunch of Anglo tourists on? a boat called conquest which probably sails to countries inhabited by people with brown skin. LOL!! the irony.

  31. up488 says:

    Been on all? these ships and love each one, although the Valor is my favorite!

  32. NONcopyrite says:

    all of the ship look great but i havent been to one yet.i would? the prefer the superstar virgo,the cruise was awesome and the balcony was great

  33. enthusiasticcab6 says:

    I’m thinking of booking one myself. I did some good reserach at cruisesforthefamily? (.) com

  34. twinsouls says:

    Music makes me scared? to go on this cruise.Geesh

  35. crumadonis says:

    Freedom,conquest,glory ?

  36. cindyvillegas says:

    i like? the conquest

  37. VidPro95 says:

    Going on the? Conquest tomorow

  38. jakeharp1 says:

    Bin on the conquest stayed in room? 8392

  39. tnsabellacruiser says:

    I love the? Conquest it great large cruise ship