Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives – Meat & Bread – Vancouver

Review of Meat & Bread in Vancouver 370 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC V6B1H7
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives – Meat & Bread – Vancouver”

  1. remaks69 says:

    The identity? & branding are awesome!

  2. benjamin thorp says:

    As an environmental artist, I engage multiple audiences in sensory experiences that further an appreciation and challenge one’s understanding of their surroundings using sound and a wide range of new and old tools, materials and methods. In order to encourage the development of conceptual strategy, emphasis is placed? on the exploration of historical and theoretical frameworks in addition to the study of contemporary artists practice.

  3. maldonadojohn156 says:

    all? hail GUY king of douche bags

  4. qualqui says:

    Oh whoa is me, nothing, not even the biggest Torta Ahogada from Guadalajara stands up to these AWESOME Sandwiches at MEAT AND BREAD!!! Thumbs? up BunthaiChhun!! =D

  5. royaldoofus says:

    that’s really cool why don’t you blog about? it?

  6. lordmagicpants says:

    Looks like a? Hipster joint.

    Can’t wait to bring my old-spice scented scarf and my daft-punk stickered macintosh laptop there. I hope they sell Pabst.

  7. SOLIDSNAKEXXX360 says:


  8. kuken2000 says:


  9. thefilthyhotmess says:

    oh how i? love living in canada 😀

  10. 1270Redwell says:

    yeah it looks like a cholesterin hell lol,?

  11. boffom babaganuche says:

    i? envy you

  12. Angryjanitor3 says:

    Pretty easy to be organized when? you have like 4 total dishes.

  13. gravino555 says:

    amen, love? that place

  14. WaterJug10 says:

    Schwartz’s, best? sandwich I ever had.

  15. rosskgilmour says:

    Food cart this please?

  16. MrPooBrainHorse says:

    Looks? so good.

  17. teknokracy says:

    Where did they find so many white people??

  18. gravino555 says:

    montreal? is better.

  19. humanover2 says:

    Besides the? obvious use for irony, Kosher salt has a cleaner and less harsh/metallic taste of regular table salt IMO.

  20. humanover2 says:

    Besides the obvious use for irony, Kosher salt has a? cleaner and less harsh/metallic taste of regular table salt IMO.

  21. klama1983 says:

    This looks so damn good. Period.?

  22. David Harbron says:

    why use kosher? salt on a pork sandwich?

  23. jeshuaofnazareth1 says:

    mind blowing? ,like the original ….nice singing .