LIVE JULY 18TH 1997 Vancouver Canada
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15 Responses to “DETESTATION”

  1. MagpulFTW says:

    man I still would have moshed…screw? it

  2. godstomper says:


  3. Mariguanamastuh says:

    is this? the chick from nausea?

  4. godstomper says:

    Ya the 90’s were really PC for? punk .

  5. Tides Are High says:

    moshing was forbidden?? really?

  6. Ángel salas says:

    de la ptm este? video

  7. godstomper says:

    This is true. ?

  8. ShockedANDgrossed says:

    This show was some Arizona sludge band, Detestation and then Phobia. This was in the basement of a house that the hippy band Submission Hold lived in. The reason there was no moshing was because it was strictly forbidden, this was the PC dominated mid 90s. It was cramped and smelled like shit. Most of my cool friends wouldn’t go there because anarchy has too many rules. Detestation played in 96 in? Vancouver and I was one of 4 people that showed up. 2 of them got naked. Way better show.

  9. lourince1 says:


  10. iraks100 says:

    i wanna kick? everyone ass´s!!!

  11. iraks100 says:

    ke pedo konesos wueyes de canada no? mames!!!!estan todos pendejos!! ke buena tokada,!!

  12. spikeman316 says:


  13. DroYelil says:

    I wonder how bad she wanted to kick those? front row kids…

  14. UnrulyRivers says:

    Awesome band, I always liked them, and I? always will. Kelly’s bass lines are great also.

  15. modstand69 says:

    Damn,you must have a really, really small dick, since you have to insure everybody how macho and hetero you are. And I’m pretty sure, that if Detestation were still around, you would get a punch in the face from Saira, if yo ever said shit like? that to one of their shows.