DESTINEAK – by Gene Greenwood – Live – Calling Your Name ( IAN CAREY REMIX)

DESTINEAK – by Gene Greenwood – Live – Calling Your Name (IAN CAREY REMIX) Live performance of DESTINEAK performing ” CALLING YOUR NAME” at the CD Release Party at THE RED ROOM in Vancouver, BC Canada Video Production by Farting Puppy Productions Camera Operators; Gene Greenwood Johnny B Lynne Davis Editor; Gene Greenwood Please support DESTINEAK by visiting
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “DESTINEAK – by Gene Greenwood – Live – Calling Your Name ( IAN CAREY REMIX)”

  1. chad drover says:

    this is a really great band!I have to check them out in vancouver !?

  2. baracuda72 says:

    heard it on great song sounds? amazing live her voice is so full gives me chills, shame so much good music goes unheard.

  3. GBMoneyShotGB says:

    Some of those notes gave? me goose bumps.

  4. GBMoneyShotGB says:

    Such a great track. She’s got an amazing? voice!

  5. Lilija198426 says:

    That was amazing!!!!!! She sounds awsome live!? Man she can sing!!!

  6. xtragel says:

    the tune, voice, beats are hot and sexy, the add ons of handjob nails and? lashes, not soo much… I hope you go far bcuz you’ve got potential!

  7. GBMoneyShotGB says:

    Just awesome! This woman has a? brilliant voice.

  8. alexguioh says:

    Que buen sonido, la voz de? Christina es de lo mejor que he escuchado en este genero musical, Bobby es un maestro en la bateria. Espero que vengan para Mexico plz!!! 😀

  9. CCBaby says:

    Best live house singer I? ever heard!

  10. candywl2680 says:


  11. nateboutcher says:

    if you keep singing like that? live, you will go places! 🙂

  12. orionstars44 says:

  13. djlatt17 says:

    LIVE!!!! REAL DOPE!!!!?

  14. X7393 says:

    Where? can I find this to download I can’t find it anywhere! Not even Amazon that sucks =(

  15. X7393 says:

    Wow Christina you are sexy this track is hot! =) And she from Ontario interesting =)? Keep it up this is hot!!