Destination…. – Canada

Spanning from the Atlantic, to the Arctic, to the Pacific is the second largest country in the world- Canada- a land that challenges and rewards. Explore the wealth and diversity of Canada’s people, culture and scenery through this informative and superbly filmed video. Visit the major natural and cultural attractions of the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, the Rockies, the West coast and the North. This tour features: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Anne of Green Gables, New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy, Quebec City, Montreal, Quebec’s Winter Carnival, the Laurentians, Ottawa, Toronto, the Thousand Islands, Niagara Falls, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the West Edmonton Mall, the Calgary Stampede, the Rockies, Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, Whistler, the Okanagan, Victoria, the Aurora Borealis, rare wildlife and much more.
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Speedy Legs

Alyson Dudek, 19-years-old Wisconsin native, is making her Olympic debut in short track speed skating. Learn the rules and tricks of one of the most dangerous sports represented at Vancouver. Related Article:
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  1. SuprSlowMo says:

    She’s? hot…

  2. mrshortstuffTV13 says:

    i actualy speed skate and its pretty? crazy

  3. pinkie745 says:


  4. ltlrenati says:

    Guess what? missy. Longboarding is probobly more dangerous than this shit

  5. imruoll says:

    xD should? i say it?

  6. lufsen94 says:

    Cant? stop laughing at the fact that they think it is the most dangerous sport.

  7. XxpianosterxX says:

    Bet you won’t say that when your neck is less than 2 feet away from 17 inch blades. Don’t talk shit when you have no idea? what you’re talking about.

  8. vbgsantander says:

    lol its? as dangerous as ping pong.

  9. heerbee91 says:

    shes hot?

  10. rafyraf100 says:

    hottest bodies in? women!!!

  11. Sokan1993 says:

    0:22 …I’ve heard people say that about atleast 100 different? sports….

  12. silenceimurderyou says:

    why you say it? isnt?

  13. Kristoffer Sund says:


  14. silenceimurderyou says:

    it is dangerous?

  15. MetalCarrotKid says:

    @monkeskater100 true?

  16. arozdeleche says:

    Speedy? legs huh? I’m willing to bet she’s got enough power & endurance in those thick ol’ legs to ride a mean ol’ cock.

  17. Kristoffer Sund says:

    I thought comments was free for all ????? Thats why we have the comment function, Im sorry that people cant handle other comments than their own or what suits them.. Its weird we cant live in a “free” world???

  18. TheNertsae says:

    oh and watch this before you make any more stupid comments watch?v=112vOkaHyDY?