Departures – Canada [Part 1]

Departures - Canada [Part 1]

Face | MSN | Friends, Scott Wilson And Justin Lukach Leave The 9 To 5 To Travel The World For A Year. But Before They Leave, They Feel That They Need To Explore Their Own Country First. They Rent An RV In Halifax And Hit The Road. Camping All The Way Across Canada, Halifax To Vancouver. Aimed At The Adventure Seeker, Departures Is An Action-Packed, Life-Changing Journey About Two Travellers. Scott Wilson And Justin Lukach Leave Their Lives Behind In Search Of Unique Experiences Through Some Of The Most Beautiful And Remote Places On Earth. Departures Features Everything From Epic Landscapes And Vibrant Cultures, To The Often Trying Times That Come With International Travel. The Series Chronicles The Unforgettable Friendships, Personal Successes And Sometimes Crushing Disappointments That Befall Them On Their Journey. Accompanied By Their Friend And Cameraman, Andre Dupuis, Departures Showcases The Revelations Of Two Travellers Who Strive To Find Themselves And New Perspectives While Trekking Across The Globe If I Lay Here, Would You Lay With Me And Just Forget The World? – I Miss You. Forever You… Email | MSN | Profile In Orkut | Follow Me On Twitter

A video diary of my solo kayak trip from Vancouver to Alaska, with no real kayaking experiance maps printed of google maps a two buck compass and a fishing rod
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36 Responses to “Departures – Canada [Part 1]”

  1. MrKellucky says:

    I defiantly don;t mind if? my tax dollars funded their journey. They do a great job. I hope they continue on for many more years.

  2. MrKellucky says:

    You have just spoke for me. These 3? guys are worth paying to do this.

  3. Kvnblmr says:

    For a long time I seen Departures on the channels, but ignored it, until one day checked it out. So glad I did. Great cinematography and the music justs makes want to be where ever they are. Very inspirational show. Thx guys.?

  4. MrCowbitch says:

    says the guy watching? it on youtube.

  5. Robopencil says:

    Ummm, they dished out their own money to film the pilot I think. OLN liked it, so they paid them to make a travel show….?

  6. Espada028 says:

    No? other show like this have inspired me so much to go out and see the world. Truley an insperation, Thanks for the ride.

  7. BellyBlades902 says:

    that? rv place is on my street

  8. brettberry23 says:

    does anyone? know what neighborhood that is at 05:21 ?

  9. brettberry23 says:

    no. they return it at a? fraserway RV in vancouver. eventually they all get flown back.

  10. gumzy3000 says:

    I have to? watch whenever it comes on

  11. 5674jt says:

    retard they had sponsers and? grants fron our fine Canadian Government

  12. smasila says:

    Yeah…who has the money to fly anywhere at anytime??? These guys are loaded,? they just make out to be.

  13. lns1988 says:

    Love? this show, and Scott is so handsome 🙂

  14. onelove1968 says:

    young white privileged? hipsters … zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  15. YHWWH says:

    holy crap im? from brantford ontario too….. too bad my life sucks

  16. zombiekilla49 says:

    This show hits you so emotionally seeing how? different the world is. LOVE THIS SHOW!

  17. fedebjalways says:

    I really miss this show… too bad they don’t air? it anymore!!

  18. BrasherN says:

    Amazing video, watched from start? to finish. Subscribed

  19. dismaldog says:

    Best Video i have ever Watched-Many thanks? Mate.

  20. TheGods1marine says:

    Do you? know when the book will be out?


  21. dismaldog says:

    Watched 1 hour so far-Great? video.How the heck did it get 2 dislikes????

  22. prw300 says:

    BY the way, what? time of year did you start this amazing tour?

  23. prw300 says:

    I’ve gotta say dude, inspirational doesn’t seem to quite cut it some how. I now need to plan some kind of trip in the UK that will fill the inadequacy that I feel. Perhaps a circumnavigation would appease? the jealousy factor. Peace out man.

  24. fatboy210881 says:

    Any News on the book?? would love a copy 🙂 going to try and follow in them paddle strokes at some point. Great video loved it 🙂

  25. sergeantsailorman says:

    How did you protect yourself from those most potential of hazards to kayakers, “Bears, and Tourists?” I read about a kayaker back in the? 70’s who used to go to and from Alaska every summer. He only wore cutoff jeans, and a tee shirt. At night he would sometimes just park his kayak in a bunch of kelp, slide down into his kayak until his head was on the seat, and with nothing exposed to the outside but his face looking up through the cockpit opening, would sleep that way. Pretty tough dude.

  26. lex0427 says:

    Great video diary Danny . I’m a frustrated adventurer – a Scot, and so admire what you’ve done. Where? in Scotland are you from?

  27. MrSeba5859 says:

    HI Danny, get vid mate can’t wait for the book, hit me on face book so? i don’t miss it. Scott Petrie (australian living in Labrador City Newfoundland Labrador Canada) love my kayaking and would like to hear more about what you carried and closer pix of your boat. Would love one day to do a trip like urs. Once again awerome vid.
    cheers Scotty

  28. stuart stupots says:

    hi Danny, amazing video blog. looking forward to the book.?

  29. scottpix says:

    Hi Danny great video and adventure mate, living the? dream for sure, loved your comment about the sausage butties.
    Great stuff.
    All The Best

  30. CanadianReich says:

    howdy friend?

  31. VstAirsoft says:

    Definatly let me no when the book is out also i liv in scotland to? would u recommend anywhere i could go kayaking and it would be awsume if u did a vid of u kayak camping up the clyde or something even tho the weather would be rubbish

  32. ethan george says:

    0:47:57 is an amazing view ?

  33. Oweny6292 says:

    your the man danny? from scotland

  34. n2o4me says:

    Excellent video Danny? , I really enjoyed your adventure .

  35. VstAirsoft says:

    this is amazing how the hell did u manage it ur amazing also did u say u had a book about it if so whats it called i would lov to? read it.

  36. ethan george says:

    I live in the UK and iv always asked my mum for a kayak so i can kayak somewhere with my nefus? and your video is cool