Delhi 2 Dublin – Laughing Buddha [official music video]

Join Delhi 2 Dublin’s Facebook Page at Video Credit: Josli Rockafella Dan Mangan performed his new album ‘Oh Fortune’ from start to finish as a special performance for his fans at CBC Vancouver. This is his song ‘Post-War Blues’.

40 Responses to “Delhi 2 Dublin – Laughing Buddha [official music video]”

  1. TheKytami says:

    Kytami, pictured? and featured? in this track is here is no longer in the band. Find out more at

  2. velvet273 says:

    I saw these guys perform two days ago in? L.A., Truly Great Music!!!

  3. InPriceWeTrust says:

    These? guys came to my school, 2-3 years ago. They’re sick!

  4. WiFiTubeTV says:

    we need people like? them to unite the whole world!

  5. mshurley14 says:

    And they did? the same this year (Summer 2012). Awesome!!

  6. Cloureku says:

    Yeah its Sarah Know and? she is not that bad

  7. Alkahaulin says:

    It really blows that Kytami left the band?

  8. thestillis says:

    it’s bands like this that give? me hope for the upcoming generations of music

  9. spectralmunchkin says:

    These people rocked the house in Revelstoke BC. I could hear? the crowd cheer from over a mile away.

  10. aenigma0regis0rises says:

    When? y’all coming back to Milwaukee?!?!

  11. Dylan Holmes says:

    I’m going through the bands for Salmon Arm Roots and Blues 2012, and the lineup? just keeps looking better and better…

  12. candyflipdhippy says:

    im gonna see em tonight? in edmonton!

  13. Jonathan Ehlmann says:

    Saw them at? SXSW! Awesome band with lots of energy!

  14. meghanpappenheim says:

    Dehli to Dublin will be at the next BaliSpirit Festival 2012 – don’t miss them!?

  15. meghanpappenheim says:

    great video! check out? Dehli to Dublin at the next BaliSpirit Festival! x

  16. asselc says:

    This song sucks so much considering “Get on the Bus” and “Apples” – holy shiit this song is? bad! It sounds like Ricky Martin in a space suit!

  17. gbnqueen says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! i hugged most of them!!!!!!?

  18. MommaShakespeare says:

    This band was EXCELLENT at the Baltimore Faeriecon. They? rocked the place and the floor was bouncing with how many people were dancing.

  19. LeThrace says:


  20. angy383 says:

    Ah I saw these guys live today. They were so good, even though I had never heard of? them it was really great beats and really alive feeling. Now I shall familiarize myself with their songs 😀

  21. ThirteenPeeps says:

    Violin+trucker? cap=pure genius

  22. SPAMDAGGER22 says:

    I heard the original broadcast of this on C.B.C. last year and the preamble stated not to be alarmed by the lack of audience participation (until Robots? at least) because this was treated as a cd release gathering.

  23. jimbeam1901 says:

    I see what you did there ^

  24. steveelmo says:

    Seth is that? u?

  25. sparkle712 says:

    I can feel? my latest musical obsession coming on…

  26. KloofKloosh says:

    music video? where is it??

  27. KloofKloosh says:

    I can’t wait for the music video to come out!! I heard great things about it! It’s supposed to be all black and white! STOKEEEEDDDD! when? does it come out, dann?

  28. steveelmo says:

    Great? band,

  29. Franziskus Domig says:

    I would cry if? I’d play such an awesome song in front of such a lame crowd.

  30. kbb1977 says:

    Mississauga loves Dan Mangan, at least I hope? I’m not the only one.

  31. TheCherrytree12 says:

    This song is the perfect tribute to John? Watson.

  32. slickleg1004 says:

    dan ‘the man’ mangan? !!

  33. TheJake1013 says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised? if he starts composing film scores

  34. moneyshot807 says:

    If Dan Mangan doesn’t dominate the Junos, then there’s something seriously wrong with the universe. Song of the year off the album? of the year.

  35. THIS1979 says:

    I wasn’t sure? about this song at the beginning but man, after the gutar riff and then Dan’s voice getting louder and raspier I’m sold. I love this song.

  36. alesha14 says:

    Victoria? loves Dan 🙂

  37. Floodlezoot says:

    a good remembrance day song.?

  38. sedd1234 says:

    >_> You just made me think of concert containing pink floyd and? dan mangan… id give my foot to go to that :D!

  39. skate4lifebit says:

    Bradenton Florida Loves Dan Mangan?

  40. danielamason says:

    is it possible to have a crush on someone you have never met before? Seeing him tomorrow night 🙂