Delhi 2 Dublin – “Apples” Music Video Delhi 2 Dublin’s first official video from the Western Canadian Music Award winning self titled album, Delhi 2 Dublin. Directed by Michael Mann Featuring dancers Raakhi Sinha and Kaia Duggan. Funded by Bravo!Fact
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Delhi 2 Dublin – “Apples” Music Video”

  1. Birgler14 says:

    smooth punjabi vocals. sounds great!?

  2. oldspice557 says:


  3. QWolfie says:

    Gidheyan di rani aaja Bhangrey ch aa = O! the quenn of Gidha come in Bhangra and dance (Bhangra is folk dance of Punjab done by men)
    He is just inviting her to dance

    Ni? aaja Bhangrey ch aa = Come Dance in Bhangra

    Bhangrey ch aa ni aaja dharti hila = come in Bhagra and rock the floor

  4. QWolfie says:

    O! Balle Balle Dil vich tu vasdi = O! you reside in my heart

    Gidheyan di rani aaja gidhey wich aa. = O! the quenn of Gidha come in Gidha and dance (Gidha is folk dance of Punjab done by women)
    Lak nu hilla de aaja raunka ni laa = Shake your waist and add joy to celebration ( He means dance)

    Ni aaja Gidhey wich aa = O! come in Gidha
    O! baale balle ke chann nalo sohni lag di =? O! wow she loooks even prettier than the moon

  5. midhir4567 says:

    the Celtic part is the same part as Tegernako from Eluveitie?

  6. NuclearLullaby says:

    Weird to look at the band in this & compare to what they are like now!!! Different looks, a different member or two & a few different interesting sounds for sure!!! Sanjay is? unrecognizable !!!

  7. Evan Stewart says:


  8. Len Van Oort says:

    Playin? Rockpit at shambhala 2012, cant wait!!

  9. nothingcomestomind12 says:

    if you were in the form on a song, this would be? it then.

  10. sharay63 says:

    New Belhi Sisterhood is? choreographing this for our Bollywood class! Can’t wait to see you in Camrose!!

  11. dakulol says:

    The song is just beautiful. I can’t explain how it makes me? feel.

  12. legomanx3 says:

    I love this band and a really a good? video too. A similar band you may like is “Manooghi Hi”, based in Seattle, they really rock.

  13. CrazyDude862 says:

    I saw them live? at my school 😀

  14. Imma5Gleek says:


  15. LilyEsfahan says:

    Amazing talented? group! 🙂

  16. crispyweiners777 says:

    this is so awesome, it deserves a slow? clap.

  17. StrumpetsDelight says:

    They were AMAZINGNESS! Talked to a friend who had seen them at a prev. Faerieworlds and she talked about how you could just watch the energy in the entire crowd with the music, SO TRUE! the entire crowd pulsed with? this amazing music!!!

  18. lorinstoll says:

    So good…. I love these guys and gals?

  19. trinaandjack says:

    Did you hear them last weekend? at Harvest Faerieworld? OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. GoingBerzerkeley says:

    I’m half European mix, half Indian.. this definitely? is appealing. The best of two worlds melded together in an entrancing concoction!