Dec 2, 2007 First SnowFall, Vancouver BC Kerrisdale

More Snow in Vancouver Kerrisdale and Snow Covered Dog Duke.
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Decided to take to take the parkzone radian out for a little bit cloud surfing high above Vancouver BC Estimated height was around 1400ft AGL with light winds from the south at around 11:00am . Equipment used: Plane – Parkzone Radian, standard DX5 radio, Contour Roam camera set to 1080P with 135 degree AOV, and no FPV. Unfortunately the prop brake was set to level 2 through the ESC and as such there is prop blur even when the motor is off (sorry). Enjoy and of course I welcome any comments or feedback 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5

3 Responses to “Dec 2, 2007 First SnowFall, Vancouver BC Kerrisdale”

  1. frontierdave says:

    @selin6722 Hi and Thanks. Unfortunately Duke passed away a little over a Year ago at age 12. He was my Best Buddy? and is sadly missed. Thanks…… David

  2. frontierdave says:

    ? Hi and thanks. Unfortunately Duke Passed away a little over a Year ago. Hes sadly missed and was my Best Buddy….. Thanks again

  3. antibulletdodger101 says:

    Liked? the drumsolo