Deathless Ringing Drums

Add us on Facebook Archspire drummer Spencer Prewett playing along to the studio track – Deathless Ringing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Deathless Ringing Drums”

  1. Everybudsmoken says:

    His cymbal is cracked/broken…Sacrificed to the Blast? Beat gods. It was not in vain

  2. ishanshifher9912 says:

    orale q locura con este? vato yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. dmidgetweasle666h says:

    teach me………..

  4. rtrbassist says:

    The? fill at 2:08 is so godamn sick!

  5. BalleBaest says:

    This guy’s? band should totally be featured with a promo from Infidel Amsterdam!

  6. ivvjj88 says:

    You deserve a nicer china?

  7. Luvenhart says:

    It`s middle tempo? =D

  8. Infernalord says:

    What the hell is a slow? tempo for you? 240? xD

  9. Lumium says:

    thats not a guy thats a girl 😛

  10. MonkeySponge says:

    Whisper? supremacy on your chest?

  11. kristofferkattinge says:

    no chance.
    i saw you live at the Rock in copenhagen last year, along with fleshgod, aborted and Decapitated … my whole band was there, including a few other drummers i know.. we all agreed (when drinking after? the show) that you were with no doubts, the tightest and fastest drummer there that night.

  12. Aïsha Versteeg says:

    Pianolevel: Asian…… I still love? it!

  13. alex2229898 says:

    I love? it when you smile at the beggining of every video 😀

  14. Nancy15713 says:

    why can we all not play like this….im in loveee *-* ;*?

  15. Ana Balcazar says:

    Where? can we download this!!!!!!?

  16. farinjan says:

    do? u have sheet music or is it by ear ?

  17. onglt27 says:

    hi! just wanna say this is a wonderful piece. btw do you have a piano score for this piece? ?

  18. missceleste150299 says:

    i meant by ear?

  19. missceleste150299 says:

    my god you’re amazing! do you learn from? sheet music or my ear???!!!

  20. lefty violinplayer says:

    Do Hello by evanescence?

  21. Ana Balcazar says:

    Where can we get your sheet? music? Do you have it available for purchase?

  22. Xiomara727 says:

    Amazing as always.
    I wish you’d cover ‘Sick’ by Evanescence.? Nobody has done anything with that awesome song.

  23. ParadizexPowaa says:

    just? incredible

  24. Jad Hamdan says:

    Sheeeeet? muuusiiic