Death Cruise – Kate Jackson (1974) Full Movie

ABC Movie of the Week: Several couples are notified that they have won an ocean cruise, but they actually have been lured onto a ship so that they can be mur…
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18 Responses to “Death Cruise – Kate Jackson (1974) Full Movie”

  1. GetTheGrandFunkOut says:

    Man, this was good! I probably saw it in 1974 when it came out!?

  2. RuralBreakfast says:

    Long Live Satan! LOL! xD?

  3. elswarto says:

    Thank you? for posting

  4. Mikey A says:

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your movies……I? have been watching for days, instead of the junky ”reality shows”

  5. cbalducc says:

    According to Wikipedia, Celeste Holm was born in 1915 and Tom Bosley in 1927. It is unusual to have an older actress playing the wife. ? Ms. Holm died in 2012 and Mr. Bosley in 2010.

  6. RamiroDF1969 says:

    Esta película la vi a mediados de los 70s en la Ciudad de México, antes de que emitieran la primer temporada de Los Ángeles de? Charlie

  7. smigglenerd101 says:

    so what happend to? kate jackson in the end?

  8. wxclim8 says:

    Produced by? Aaron Spelling too.

  9. Henrytheape says:

    Do you have the Kate Jackson? movie, Adrift?

  10. alexandritegemini610 says:

    Richard Long? was killed first because his character was an ass!

  11. Jenny C. says:

    All of the? six stars later appeared on The Love Boat. 🙂

  12. 70sGrOOVeTuBE says:


  13. KiraRiker says:

    Great ending! RL’s closing monologue? could have been uttered by Jarrod Barkley himself.

  14. KiraRiker says:

    Why did Richard Long have to be the? first one killed?

  15. KiraRiker says:

    I was thinking the same thing! The intro,? ship, and dress look like the first episodes of the Love Boat!

  16. 70sGrOOVeTuBE says:

    thought i? commented already on this-love it! the love boat meets murder mystery! awesome!

  17. videox222ify says:

    You’ve come a long way baby to? get where you got to today!

  18. David Smith says:

    LOVE Kate Jackson! Thanks for posting~?