Dead Can Dance Return of the She King (snippet) Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC. August 9, 2012

Dead Can Dance (snippet) at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC. August 9, 2012

On are way to Vancouver Bc
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  1. jamesgrimaldi says:

    Thanks! I can NOT f’in? wait!

  2. jamesgrimaldi says:

    originally sung? (and written) by Tim Buckley

  3. entica says:

    Sorry, Song of the Siren was originally by Tim Buckley. Although, I will go out on a limb and say that the This Mortal Coil version is the best. Brendan sang? his version closer to how Elizabeth Fraser sings it and not at all like the Tim Buckley original.

  4. entica says:

    For one of the encores, Brendan sang? a cover of “Song of the Siren” by This Mortal Coil (originally sung by Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins).

  5. moszhenryk says:

    01. Children of the Sun
    02. Anabasis
    03. Opium
    04. Sanvean
    05. Rakim
    06. All in Good Time
    07. Return of the She-King
    08.? The Host of Seraphim
    09. Dreams Made Flesh
    10. Amnesia
    11. Nierika


    12. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
    13. ?
    14. Ime prezakias (Roza Eskenazi cover)

  6. KlingKlang13 says:

    Just saw the tonight in Seattle. They sounded great. It was an outdoor? show and we got there early while they were warming up and sound checking. Bonus show! 🙂 To those of you who will be catching this tour, your in for a treat.

  7. TabooEv says:

    Sacral? beauty!

  8. heavythinking says:

    this is “Return Of the She-King” from their new album, “Anastasis” coming late August. It’s an amazing album by the way :)?

  9. TadeuFrancoBrasil says:

    Hi!!! Do you? remember set list?

  10. pocketgoth says:

    Can’t wait to see them next month!?

  11. misshousegirl says:

    I so can’t wait until I get? to see them on Sunday!!

  12. skylinkdave says:


  13. omidhabibollah says:

    They are best and last night they prove? it again

  14. WithinTemptationLink says:

    Hello,? do you remeber setlist ?

  15. Teresalimon says:

    that’s? so funny, we were making fun of Whitney Houston and now she’s gone 🙁