Dayglo Abortions bctv news Vancouver 1988 obscenity charge

Dayglo Abortions bctv news Vancouver 1988 obscenity charge

Vancouver bctv news report with Tony Parsons from 1988.Interview with Murray “Cretin” Acton regarding the obscenity charge against the lyrics on the Dayglo’s album Feed us a fetus.
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April 5, 2008 Trevor Linden is congratulated by teammates and members of the Calgary Flames in what could be his last game as a Vancouver Canuck. Also included is the three star selection as well as an interview with Flames captain Jarome Iginla. Update June 11, 2008: As of today Trevor Linden has officially announced his retirement from the NHL. This game is now obviously Linden’s last as a player. Video courtesy of CBC/NHL. Captured from CBC in Vancouver, BC.
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36 Responses to “Dayglo Abortions bctv news Vancouver 1988 obscenity charge”

  1. TheSawyerj22 says:

    So funny. I saved? that dear abby clip way back then and was showing to people at work just the other day.

  2. spozoo says:

    did you use a speak and spell to record this

  3. UncleSlam81 says:

    Hahaa Murray Cretin Action, that name makes him sound like he’s in the New York Dolls or some? shit.

  4. clinty2112 says:

    Shyte. They were like the Frank? Zappa of metal/hardcore. Loved those guys back in the day…super poignant and funny.

  5. jecdown says:

    Stupid cops really need to? focus on important shit. How about fighting real crime.

  6. TheMaidenist says:

    4 months waste of? tax payers money they will never get back.Ha.DIE SINNER DIE

  7. hecubusXX says:

    this is hilarious. the cretin looks? like such a cretin

  8. Endofeons says:

    Roflllllll. Was? so easy to offend people back then. Talk about low hanging fruit…

  9. NeCroW says:

    the? more time passes the more we see how stupid those people that hold on to morals and try to censure others are.

  10. zammylot says:

    2:58? M.O.D poster on wall!

  11. MrDimebuck says:

    3:13!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dudes? got a mickey mouse shirt on, talkin about how he finds this music offensive!!!!!!! Too freakin funny!!!!

  12. 138Scarecrow says:

    people in the 80s are way to soft,? he’s like cautioning his viewers that it has offensive materials and sensitive viewers shouldn’t lmao

  13. xraidedlok says:

    LOL? that was great

  14. xraidedlok says:

    what a bunch? of babies

  15. JohnAllanification says:

    ‘… guano tomorrow’ is the best record? of the 80’s.

  16. DeathHateandRemorse says:

    Not a rodent getting shot! People gas rats when they infest their homes or poison them. Thats supposed to be offensive? The Dayglos could have cooked up something way more offensive than that.?

  17. attilathefun1 says:

    ha? ha ha ! i cant wait to see these guys on 06/01/11 in denver co and 06/12/11 in cleveland oh. i grew up listening to these badasses

  18. MrWallum says:

    Be a responsible parent and teach YOUR children what’s right and what’s wrong. Charging these? musicians does no ‘justice’ for the man’s daughter. If your child is so easily persuaded by fun (usually sarcastic) lyrics such as Dayglo’s, then punch them in the head. It’ll do you both some good.

  19. Doki66 says:

    And the? moral of the story is: Make your records offensive and get loads of free press. Punk rock victory.

  20. MrJamesScreams says:

    As much as I hated the Canucks, I always loved Linden. One of my favorite hockey players? to ever play. great player, full of class.

  21. shenial ratnam says:

    hahah? lil fin

  22. rebelslayer13 says:

    One of the finest men ever to grace the sport. As a Wings fan, I hold? only respect for Mr. Linden in the same way that he respects the game. And Jarome Iginla as well. These two role models are nothing but class.

  23. kenzzzhou says:

    Phaneuf WOULD be? the first one to the dressing room.

  24. comicozy87 says:

    Trevor is a class act player. RIP Bourdon?

  25. TylerSVT says:

    Iginla with Pure Class.?

  26. MyTubeCents says:

    My boy is named? Linden.

  27. VancouverChokers says:

    Avs fan here and I hate Vancouver with every fiber of my being. Most of my posts have proven that. However, Linden is? one of those athletes you want your kids looking up to. He’s more of the Sakic, Yzerman type. This type of sportsmanship is why hockey is so unique.

    And BTW Linden is right – Jarome Iginla is the best in the world today. Closest thing we have in hockey to a Sakic, Yzerman, #99 type.

  28. fivebythree says:

    7-1, Luongo eh?? Maybe history will repeat itself…

  29. UVERworld4Life says:

    i teared up. jarome is pure class. Respect to the flames? for paying their respects to Linden.

  30. Hexinvir says:

    This is why linden? is always will be my favourite player

  31. TheTTBT says:

    Too bad Mike Keenan entered the picture in Vancouver and Calgary. I think both franchises were on better paths without him. I also wish Linden could have hung on until this year (2010-2011), because the Canucks are about to tare the rest of? the NHL a new asshole in the playoffs.
    Go Flames, Go Iggy.

  32. nicholasczapiewski says:

    I think Iggy means “nice play by H. Sedin to stop Bourdon from checking me and letting me get a great chance? to score”

  33. legopro247 says:

    how can there be 4 dislikes??

  34. aKoniicK says:

    Trevor Linden: “Iggy… your the best? player in the game” … ever since those words, i have so much respect for Vancouver …. beacuse you dont need to be 50+ goal scorer every year to be the best player whats makes a player the best is how he contributes to his team and his fans and to the nhl… and Iggy just showed it … Go flames Go!

  35. mrsoshicanuck says:

    4 dislikes? from Oilers fans

  36. trevorshiggs says:

    linden vs? norton is better