David Suzuki live on stage Occupy Vancouver Oct, 22/11

Special THANK YOU to David Suzuki for taking the time to speak to people of Vancouver. Please leave comments on this video/page to voice your opinion.
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29 Responses to “David Suzuki live on stage Occupy Vancouver Oct, 22/11”

  1. bladder1010 says:

    Yes, being a skeptic is b-a-d, BAD.
    How dare we question Dear Leader?
    Stupid facts — who? needs ’em?!

  2. BeAnBeAn22 says:

    Yeah, believe what? you want apathetic skeptic.

  3. bladder1010 says:

    Has he sold his properties on Salt Spring Island, Toronto, and Australia, or does he commute to them by bicycle? What about his five kids and their “carbon footprints”?
    Tell you what — I’ll start taking his fantastic claims of environmental doom seriously, when hucksters like Suzuki and Gore start taking them? seriously. Obviously, they don’t. They’re laughing at you while they sip champagne in their limos, yachts, and private jets.
    Open your eyes. Wise up.

  4. BeAnBeAn22 says:

    Suzuki himself laments that in traveling constantly to spread his message of climate responsibility, he has ended up “over? his [carbon] limit by hundreds of tonnes.” He has stopped vacationing overseas and taken to “clustering” his speaking engagements together to reduce his carbon footprint. He would prefer, he says, to appear solely by video conference.

  5. thatstheguy07 says:

    Do ppl not know that Suzuki is anti human, comparing us to maggots. Hes for depopulation. If you think that sounds like a good idea cuz “theres too many ppl on the planet”, think again. It means the rich powerful shitty ppl live, and the rest die.
    Hes just like Bill Gates and? the rest of those globalist so called philanthropists, seeming like theyre helping, and are compassionate ppl, but its a smoke screen. He is anti human.

  6. ebaums99 says:

    Deal with? it? bitches
    tinyurl dot com/72rmcxw
    tinyurl dot com/73lex4l

  7. abovebelow1 says:

    Wow! If one actually took the time to listen to that talk, you would learn a lot. I’m going to listen it again. People are too distracted watching Jersey Shore and eating their Hamburgers.?

  8. Hilltownheat88 says:

    david? suzuki
    should be prime minester

  9. 87enoughBULL says:

    There are some people who will find any reason to resist positive and constructive movement. Suzuki? deserves all the respect in the world for his lifelong advocacy.

  10. bladder1010 says:

    I wonder if he drove up in his rock-star? diesel tourbus from his Point Grey mansion?

  11. MsInvisiblelight says:

    Firstly I would like to address the comment about Dr.Suzuki’s so called “rude”response to approaching strangers.Think for one moment, how it must feel to be recognized every where you go. When you really think about the approaching stranger and how frequently this happens,I would question who,if any would most aptly deserve to be called “rude”?
    I admire and DEEPLY? respect Dr.Suzuki if for no other reason,than committing his ENTIRE LIFE to the protection of this beautiful oasis Planet Earth.

  12. 1hotfred says:

    Tell me to grow up?? Yeah that’s mature, overlook the fact how many times he has been wrong and just follow blindly. Are? you even old enough to say you grew up watching his series when he still had black hair??
    I am not spewing lies, only the fact that he has been wrong before.
    He used crazy scare tactics to place an impression on young minds back then, he is doing the same today.
    Like I said, he is a nice guy, but I sure wish he would remember the past.

  13. TUBESTEAKNIG says:

    how many times? have you been wrong?

  14. MrROTD says:

    David Suzuki is alright, he’s been part of the established media for but at least he doesn’t suck a corporate dick. He’s right about limitation of nature. We can expect too much out of nature we will die without a healthey? planet

  15. adrumzzify says:

    Kid, grow up and take your hood off, there’s a much bigger world out there than inside your? puny head.

  16. 1hotfred says:

    Is this not the same guy who told us an ice age was coming???
    Is this not the same person who had us? convinced that the world would be dead before 2000????
    He is a nice guy, but he has been wrong many times..will be wrong again.

  17. Th3DigitalWand3r3r says:

    Cool!? lol

  18. chelseagerbrandt says:

    those 12 jerks who disliked this suck!!!!!!!!?

  19. t000dle000 says:

    @sctyp33 and @ejacinto82 The Portland Winter Hawks have been doing this for MANY years. I suspect lots of jr hockey clubs do it. If you’ve never been to a game that features a teddy bear toss, it is? an amazing site. The visiting team always exits (or does from what I’ve seen opposing teams do in Portland) and lets the home team have the glory, knowing they’ll be doing (or have already done) the same thing on their home ice.

  20. damama55 says:

    Hey, looks like we did it. Over 50,000. Wonder if they? will double their donation if they reach 100,000?? AWESOME ! ! ! Merry Christmas everyone.

  21. sctyp33 says:

    I wonder why the other team wouldn’t help out with this? First time? I’ve seen this….Wow

  22. dvusful says:

    That’s exactly my thoughts as well. Let’s hope they see this and do so afterall, it is the time for giving. 🙂 Merry? Christmas everyone!

  23. ejacinto82 says:

    Yeah what happens if it? makes it to 100,000? will you double the donation?

  24. Filmthis1212 says:

    should? have made it 100,000 views.

  25. batgrenade1 says:

    I love how? they have all 4 jerseys at the beginning. Go Giants!!

  26. AnimeManMcc says:

    let? it snow (bears) let it snow (bears) let it snow the bears

  27. msmudbay says:

    Think of the head injuries! ? Poor little bears…

  28. ogtsui says:

    why would u do it right in the middle of the game? …why not just wait till? the intermission so the game doesnt get delayed??

  29. rickpog says:

    I just got this video from Warsaw- Poland. I am sending back to Poland to my friends and my family here in Vancouver,? …..good job Giants .