Darlin’ – Johnny Reid

Photos of the Vancouver Seawall, UBC Hiking Trail, and a few of Whiterock (dogwood), in and around Vancouver BC Canada. Slides displayed to the song, Darlin’ by Johnny Reid. Oh, the photos are my own, except for a few of the silhouettes which were from off the internet.
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Vancouver Island - British Columbia

Holiday in Canada

15 Responses to “Darlin’ – Johnny Reid”

  1. norma jean guiboche says:

    Johnny? Reid you are a excellent singer..

  2. whyme912 says:


  3. deliteinmee says:


  4. deniseiphonetate says:

    love? his voice

  5. 55reco says:

    04/16/2012? fantastic performance in Prince George, BC

  6. elvab1 says:

    I love? it and I love all your music

  7. mommajanmarie says:

    Love it…


  8. samhunterify says:

    such a lovely voice wow? go man goi

  9. MegaLacy1 says:

    makes me wanna dancedancedance!?

  10. baz5158 says:

    nice very nice?

  11. kellie2880 says:

    In? my thoughts. Dave

  12. 57Hanne says:

    The original sang Franky Miller, but this version? also very well, prima sounds itself after-sung, makes further in such a way, Johnny ……

  13. freethoughtmusic says:

    Very tasteful pics,? nice to see stuff not over-photoshopped.

  14. greenwoodjean1989 says:

    By the way The name is Bonny Tyler, Love ? Johnny Reid version of this song,
    All of the songs he sings are great,

  15. 5natedogg5 says:

    you sing very good man