Daniel the best waiter on celebrity cruise lines

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  1. TheBulento says:

    dont worry deserts on the display? tray never served
    i used to just bring a sampler of all in the middle of the table:)

  2. dutchman72 says:

    I worked on rccl nordic prince `49-`95 and I hated to do this time wasting presenting of desserts, because of the fact that most guests had no idea what the food was, LOL
    so you? need to bullshit to try to fill the tip envelope at the end of the week.

  3. pulepitane says:

    charming, but I wonder how much of his saliva landed on the dessert as he was speaking? he could have at least put the tray on the table or anything to get the food off the direction of that busy mouth.?

  4. Marius32008 says:

    Hi Daniel! How are you?…I was just looking at some videos from the ships….guess i’m being nostalgic…..by the way sorry for the ”horns” when i was passing by.Was? nice working with you. Marius L

  5. alertpan501 says:

    I’m going on my? first trip in January to the Carribean, Ibefore booking I read sonme good articles at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  6. lucci999 says:


  7. carraton10 says:

    jajaja… best waiter… im the? best waiter …

  8. DJChatteur says:

    ,? what do you mean he is sweet as his dessert, is something behind it?

  9. Guillermo Toloza says:

    I started as a Waiter on the MV Americana on 1984 then moved to RCI on the old? Song of Norway; after a couple of years of hard work at the restaurant, the Front Desk and the shops on board I became Shop Manager. Dreams are possible with hard work, no licking asses or giving BJ’s like someone said on this comments.
    Opportunities are there to take them…if you’re lazy you’re crazy, if you work hard you can reach a star!!!!!!!
    Saludos from Chile

  10. Guillermo Toloza says:

    The problem my friend is that waiters receive $50,00 a month for salary, the? rest of their incomes come from tips; that’s why they will do everything to have their passengers happy (sing, dance, make magic tricks and so). Believe or not some passenger complain cause “the waiter didn’t smile”, they are like clowns on stage, due to smile even if they are crying inside. How do I know this?….I was a waiter on cruise ships. It’s such a beautiful job and the entrance point to a career

  11. Jonathan Cravero says:

    hi could u explain me what u mean when says study? more to become hotel director? and beginnig as a assistan buffet stewards…