Danger Bay – The First Episode Part 1/2

Season 1, Episode 1: The Sea Pup Original Air Date—7 October 1985 Danger (their pet otter) is missing! So Grant, Jonah and Nicole (they all look so young here!) search high and low for Danger.. While they search, each reminisces (via flashbacks) about how they came to find Danger and how she became their pet… You will also notice there is no JL Duval .. Instead there is helicopter pilot Joyce Walker (played by Deborah Wakeham). She eventually left the show.. making way for the hot JL Duval (Susan Walden). Cast: Donnelly Rhodes … Dr. Grant ‘Doc’ Roberts Deborah Wakeham … Joyce Carter Christopher Crabb … Jonah Roberts Ocean Hellman … Nicole Roberts Hagan Beggs … Dr. George Dunbar Danger Bay was a great Canadian made TV series that ran for 6 seasons from 1985 to 1990. It has been re-broadcast several times since on various channels/networks.

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45 Responses to “Danger Bay – The First Episode Part 1/2”

  1. retroclipps says:

    There is no official DVD release of any episodes of Danger Bay.
    However I have seen the full series for sale on ioffer. But these are DVD-R transfers from VHS recordings taken off cable TV.
    From what I have been told by others, the quality? is OK.. probably about the same as my old VHS recordings.

  2. Esther deinum says:

    Hello there, does any one know if? there is a dvd box yet of this serie? Or all the episodes? I`d really like to buy it than. I loved Danger Bay! Greetings, Esther from the Netherlands

  3. Francambe1 says:

    we used to call “Las aventuras” meaning the adventures. That’s how we called any series of episodes or shows which would air at that time on weekdays, and it was the highlight of my regular day for many years, the wonder years…A lot of nice memories from those years and this show was absolutely one of them!?

  4. Francambe1 says:

    I just thought about this show and I do not know how or why, it just came to my mind,…and of course, I used to love this show as a kid in Cuba in the 80′ when they put it on national television. At 7:30 at night every weekday, after having done all homework from school, I could guarantee you, like I did, every kid and most probably adults too, would seat in front of a TV set who ever was lucky? to have one even in black and white and enjoy this wonderful episodes which we used to call cont.

  5. retroclipps says:

    I think the main problem with putting out DVDs is that there are something like 130 episodes in total of Danger Bay. That would be a humongous DVD set. (But I’d buy it the same day? it went on sale if it ever came out!) But a start would be to put out either the entire season 1 or at the very least a ‘Best Of Season 1’ DVD to test the market.
    But I don’t know what (if any) payment rights the cast of the show might be entitled to.
    But if I owned this show I’d have it out on DVD. 🙂

  6. DragonHeart613 says:

    Thanks For This Retroclipps. My Little Brother & I Grew Up Watching Danger Bay On Disney Channel (Remember The Days When Disney Channel Used To Be Good?). Than We Would Check Out Avonlea, Ocean Girl, Spellbinder, Ah Man Those Were The Days! God I Wish This Was Out On DVD But Just Being Able To Relieve This Classic Show Here? Is Itself A Miracle!

  7. MagicalWingLT says:

    Is there anyway to put this on a bittorrent site?? I would love to download these episodes for my parents…

  8. M4Kpl says:

    OMG! So good memories ;(?

  9. monstergyul says:

    love this show,? do you have stormy weather -5th season where grant and jl got married, both parts 1 and 2

  10. retroclipps says:

    I’ll see if I can find it.
    The eps are on VHS tapes, and have to be burned to DVD, ripped to to avi files, then edit the? commercials out.
    So if I find it, it will take awhile before it’s uploaded here.

  11. chumrain says:

    Im looking for an Episode from the second season called Venom ,? Dr. Chen gets bit by a really poisonous snake !

  12. princessJayNay22 says:

    Thanks for? posting. I loved Danger Bay!!!!!!!!!

  13. sib6sis3 says:

    Always had a crush on “Jonah” as a kid! LOL?

  14. shewolfsiren says:

    Disney should never have taken this show? off the air!

  15. rcsfreebird says:

    I’m looking? for the “Fire Jumper” episode i think it’s episode 80 season 5 in English……i’m the little girl that gets stuck in the fire. Anyone, anyone?


  16. jannyrcobs says:

    October of ’84, actually–at least here in Canada. ? I can remember; I was in tenth grade.

  17. calixa says:

    oh, 1985,? where have you gone?

  18. johnfoxbroncos says:

    Nice to see full episodes, one of the great Disney Channel/CBC cross productions along? with The Raccoons and Avonlea!

  19. bruizer1100 says:

    @retroclipp she really married a billionaire?

  20. PioneerSea says:

    Michelle B Chan!? You’re awesome!

  21. instafreebird says:

    Wow! This from my childhood! How? truly wonderful! Thank you so much Retroclipps!

  22. instafreebird says:

    Wow! This from my childhood! How truly wonderful! Thank? you so much Retroclipps!

  23. Tubewings says:

    I also notice that she wasn’t in the opening credits of “Solo? Flight.” Does that mean she was only credited in episodes she appeared in?

  24. retroclipps says:

    Yeah, Joyce (Deborah Wakeham) was replaced in season 2 by Susan Walden (JL).
    I have no idea if she quit or was let go. She didn’t leave to do another show or movies.. There’s nothing of significance on her IMDb page after Danger Bay. There is a noticable lack of chemistry between her and Doc Roberts compared to him and JL.. Maybe that was it.
    Donna? Chen (Michele B Chan) left after the 5th season… she married a billionaire .. so I guess she didn’t need the money.

  25. delidereli1 says:

    sorry but magician remix better? than original mix

  26. LaMlleAlex says:

    Won’t beat? “Every breath you take”.

  27. Sena Tomlinson says:

    Why? would you say that 🙁 its not my fault that i thought like that. You made me sad 🙁

  28. szerdahelyigyerek007 says:

    swedish music simply rocks !?

  29. BlackwhiteFool says:

    hahaha nejsem? si jistá že ti tu bude n?kdo rozum?t 😀

  30. Laura Combe says:

    Click here? for an AWESOME piano medley:Heads will roll, Lykke Li, The Rapture, Shermanology, Keedz, Will I am, Avicii, Deadmau5, Michael Calfan …

  31. MrTwilightnear says:

    you are so humble!? xD

  32. Julya konelskaya raimensborg says:

    hahahahahahahaha omfg that was? funny said

  33. kikifialova says:

    toto video je fakt HUSTÝ WOW?

  34. msjeopardy24 says:

    for me its aqualung Strange And Beautiful or death cab for cutie’s I Will Possess Your Heart ..lol..but this ones great too..shes awesome..?

  35. closhoupss says:

    In Love of? this song

  36. jstvofficiel says:

    This? voice :O <3

  37. Bialy730 says:

    kozak? nutka!

  38. gman100ish says:

    WTF? you read? my mind xD

  39. Whifflefit says:

    love this? song so much so ROCKIN bais

  40. atlantiku100 says:

    the first time? i heard this song i just thought wtf
    but now i listen every day

  41. Serenoj69 says:

    Heard her life and was not so impressed. Seems to be a sort of a problem these days: some artists look serious, interesting but the essential part (singing) is missing. In a studio, that is not much of a problem and I don’t mind too much. I? simply listen to the the studio version.

  42. Mîšš Šhøšhø says:

    so perfect … just for? my? mode <3

  43. RainIsMakingARainbow says:

    Well, I can. You don’t know who I am. Maybe? I’m magical 😉

  44. dstachurski1988 says:

    too short?

  45. WarNDeath2000 says:

    I love this song and i couldnt find it then my cousin wisited me and stayed for 7 days and one day this song started playing on her laptop.So i asked her for the name off the song and she said it s i ll follow rivers.And then i was like thanks cuz i was like searching for the song it driven me crazy and when i found it i just couldnt stop listening to this song.It s funny i know but it s a true story 🙂 great song? by the way.