DANCING MACHINE! – April 08, 2012 – itsjudyslife Vlog

DANCING MACHINE! - April 08, 2012 - itsjudyslife Vlog

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23 Responses to “DANCING MACHINE! – April 08, 2012 – itsjudyslife Vlog”

  1. DashingDaisyxo says:

    always come back to this video, just to? see the “worm” so freakin cute/funny:D

  2. lamppost618 says:

    ‘okay that’s? nasty” LOL IM DYIN

  3. MaeRachelle says:

    thanks again benji for? the shoutout!!!! :DDD

  4. 16sarahjohnson says:

    OMG THIS IS IN NORTH? VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. alice4wonder says:


  6. puentecarolyn says:

    “ill spit? on yours.. ok thats nasty!” AHAHAHA cracked me up!

  7. BestyPenniman says:

    your nephew is a great dancer-soon-to-be, Judy! what a great performance!

  8. Beautyrush889 says:

    sOooooooooooooƵ cute?

  9. iitsSAMM says:

    When the kids were dancing I could not stop? laughing omg! haha hilarios!!

  10. monsterhugs01 says:

    The kids attempt of the worm was too? funny I was dying

  11. breathinglife835 says:

    Judy with all do respect? binji is sooooo sexy there is not one thing he doesnt do!!! Motorcycles too!!!1

  12. superdandybrendaa says:

    Filipino people really love? to break dance lol

  13. RochelleRoyalty says:

    I’m from California and they have a Marble Slab here? but I’m not sure about other places. Sorry : P

  14. fiercesoundslikeme says:

    that place is in? vancouver right?

  15. karilovez1 says:

    I was dying when that little kid with the? hoodie was walking around the stage. Then all of a sudden he just leaves the stage he was like eh I’m too good for this lol

  16. suppseanie says:

    i’ll spit? on yours! kay that’s nasty…

  17. bellarose319 says:

    thats ice cream it’s like Coldstone in New york. Back in the day when u use to tip them the whole crew would start singing,? thanking u.

  18. winxsakura says:

    4:55-4:58 EXO’s History šŸ˜€ ! ~
    The kids were so cute ^w^ !!! ~
    I love? filipino-style spaghetti :> , Can’t get enough of that banana ketchup ;D

  19. RochelleRoyalty says:

    LOVE Marble Slab. I wish they had a close store near me. Wayy better than cold stone.?

  20. FunJessica says:

    lmaoooo the kids were? sooo funny . “the worm” lmao

  21. Shyloh8 says:

    Maannnn that ice cream looks good, I’ve never had Marble Slab before; seems alot like Cold Stone. LOL @ Judy’s, “I’ll spit on yours.” LOL! – Wow… what an AWESOME birthday party!! – The kid in the vest was killing? it!! LOL! Natural skill!! I love it!

  22. Ula28 says:

    the vlogs are getting super boring, sorry. Who cares some kids jumping? on the stage for 5 minues wtf.

  23. welikecatsandwedont says:

    Omg now I want ice cream……?