Dan Mangan – Rows Of Houses (Official Music Video)

Web! www.danmanganmusic.com Facebook! www.facebook.com/danmanganmusic Twitter! www.twitter.com/danmanganmusic Official video for “Rows Of Houses” From 2011 release “Oh Fortune” courtesy of Arts & Crafts. Directed by Jon Busby, Produced by Blatant Films in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Dan Mangan – Rows Of Houses (Official Music Video)”

  1. Brian Crosby says:

    It’s about the? movie Stand By Me.

  2. OlyimpicChamp3 says:

    just search? it up here on youtube, you should find it.

  3. samaustinmusic says:

    He describes the movie “stand by me” from? the perspective of the 12 years old Gordie Lachance …it´s one of his favourite movies just watch Rows of Houses live @ Kexp you´re welcome 😉

  4. MrGermanNinja says:

    can someone explain the meaning of this song? or at? least what you think it is

  5. Theresilein says:


  6. OlyimpicChamp3 says:

    There? is one

  7. Michkins1 says:

    and a basket? video

  8. Michkins1 says:

    id like to see? a post war blues video

  9. Michkins1 says:

    lmao thats? a good one. This song is far from sucking.

  10. Michkins1 says:


  11. noseworthyp says:

    This? song sucks…how did it get added to my favorites…

  12. ginnypotter3557 says:

    Damn? VEVO. I’m going to watch this video on Dan Mangan’s channel.

  13. tatatakat says:


  14. tomboyjgh says:

    Congrats on the Juno nomination! Byng is cheering for? you! (Well at least the band department is)