Dan Mangan – Robots

Conceived & Produced By Dan Mangan & Mike Lewis Written & Directed By Mike Lewis Cinematography By Todd M Duym Edited By Tariq Hussain & Mike Lewis From the album – Nice, Nice, Very Nice www.galleryac.com www.danmanganmusic.com http Follow Dan Mangan on Twitter – www.twitter.com Follow Arts & Crafts on Twitter – twitter.com

24 Responses to “Dan Mangan – Robots”

  1. melainatodd says:


  2. SKID0032 says:

    It’s because? America shuts down their border to a lot of Canadian music because they make less of a profit unless they sign onto a major deal like Nickelback, and Justin Bieber. You’d be surprised at how many huge Canadian acts are out there that just don’t get much radio play south of the border, down Amuuricah way.

  3. dreadface101 says:

    Anyone who says Canada doesn’t have good artists is crazy! Sure we may not have as many “top 10 artists” but I think that is half the joy of seeing these wonderful artists in smaller venues with people who genuinely are there for the music! The only shame is that there? are still people out there missing this beautiful sound in their life! But I guess that’s why we are here, to share!

  4. Graham Gaw says:

    man all of your? video’s are awesome! see you at folk fest!

  5. hykerakc Cintrikx says:

    Great Song!?

  6. hykerakc Cintrikx says:

    Wooooo!? Great Song!

  7. Shiwotty says:

    She? doesn’t look like Applejack to me…

  8. Charlie Henning says:

    just pointing out i am 13 and i still love? this song.

  9. 47masterguitar says:

    I love this song!
    and the? guitar playing

  10. tearaenic says:

    Dan Mangan always has the best music videos…. I cant stop? laughing now 🙂

  11. Fuzzyblankey says:

    It doesn’t look like Ben very much,? when you look at it now and see how much he was changed. Mostly because he isn’t wearing a hat and doesn’t have a beard, lol.

  12. KATHYsMUSIC100 says:

    great – saw? Dan Mangan and Band this spring in Munich 😉

  13. shesnogood says:

    this made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I’m? such a sap! great song and vid

  14. TheHerpDerpNation says:

    Makes? me laugh everytime

  15. sevenseasongs says:


  16. duncan4 says:

    Love the video. Ben Worcester (said the whale) and Dan? Mangan are the best!

  17. olivier langlais says:

    I used to have robot fights like dan mangan, but then? I took an arrow to the knee

  18. BBQPeanut says:

    Morgan Freeman as a hipster.? What a winner.

  19. SaltyChickenBallsx says:

    There’s something special about this song and it’s movie.
    I can’t? resist smiling.

  20. LemonyKun says:

    Even Canada’s robots? are loving.

  21. merg71 says:

    Pretty sure this is the greatest music video ever. So awesome. ^_^?

  22. ZoeSquared21 says:

    I touched his beard once!!!
    It was one of the best experiences? of my life.

  23. sumtinlikethat says:

    so this is what Canadians do 🙂 haha. just messing around.
    I got to see Dan play? last night. freaking sweet

  24. Manhatchet says:

    Those two people who did like this song are going to die unhappy? and unloved.