D-Pryde – Outro Flow (Directed by Rik Cordero)

D-Pryde – “Outro Flow” Director: Rik Cordero Cinematographer: Clayton Combe Production Company: Three/21 Films Not much to say about this one…But thank you. This one is dedicated to my family, my team, and my fans. You’re making this dream totally what I wanted it to be like. Peace! I’m touring with J Cole! Come see me in these locations YO! COLE WORLD…WORLD TOUR August 23rd Vancouver, BC (Vogue) August 25th Edmonton, AB (Edmonton Events Centre) August 27th Calgary, AB (Flames Central) August 30th Saskatoon, SK (Odeon Theatre) August 31st Winnipeg, MB (Garrick Center) September 3rd Toronto, ON (Sound Academy) September 6th London, ON (Music Hall London) September 7th Montreal, QC (Club Soda) CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE BRO! www.dprydemusic.com and follow the awesome director who brought this to life! @RikCordero DOWNLOAD MY MIXTAPE! http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Modest Mouse Live - Dramamine part 3 of 18

Modest Mouse – Dramamine 2001-02-02 The Vogue Theater Vancouver, BC, CA Like I said before probably the best Dramamine you’ll watch/hear live. First a little talk from Isaac Brock about being drunk at a show yelling at the band, doing coke with the bartenders, small talk. Enjoy. db.etree.org

30 Responses to “D-Pryde – Outro Flow (Directed by Rik Cordero)”

  1. YoungYangsta says:

    why do you won’t him to rap about what wasn’t his life he raps about what he experienced and if that is being pushed around in highschool then so is it – that’s what you call? real
    if he obviously didn’t had a life like pac why should he rap about stuff like him

  2. theKidPhlow says:

    this song really just made me quit smoking weed. thank you dprizzy. imma? big fan man. (:

  3. gabriel ornelas says:

    bullies? no no

  4. VizZzZzHD says:

    A year later D-Pryde… A year later!? 😉

  5. heyyjuno16 says:

    i wish i could have the? instrumental…sounds cool..

  6. MrPropaMusic says:

    ok? im a die hard d pryde fan but no cant believe you disrespected the man like that d pryde didnt earn to be the best rapper alive yet the best in the rap game maybe in a few years but not yet dude

  7. blackopps51 says:

    forget tupac?? hell nah man 😀 he inspired? an generation and changed the world. and hes not dead legends live forever 😀

  8. anthonydiaz9587 says:

    OMG that was me? in that video. DPRYDE is so cold!!!

  9. BdougTV says:

    So much that i made a freestyle dance vid to his “Outro Flow 2″ track.
    Just click on my channel.
    It’s called…”Outro Flow 2” by D-Pryde? | Freestyle by B.Doug
    LIKE UP so D-Pryde can see how another one of his fans is inspired by his work!

  10. ThatAsianKid765 says:

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  11. SuperHardcorePro1337 says:

    The winner? is….. Blizzared2!

  12. jlbgalang says:

    #RappersThatSpitsTheTruth? @DPrizzy

  13. kurt2552 says:

    i dont know, man.? they put on a hell of a show at 2011 sasquatch.

  14. theevster55 says:

    The harmonics with the wammy bar is so sick, great? idea Brock, you kick ass.

  15. eatmyasshairs1 says:

    starts at? 2:40

  16. AudibleVisable says:

    haha he throws the end of live like weeds on there? “you think you feel most everything, dont you know that our hearts are just made out of strings to be pulled” or something? like that

  17. kguitar44 says:

    Love me some? raw Mouse!

  18. NeptuneMS385 says:

    Who the shit are you talking to? Isaac? ‘Cuz he’s an atheist. And? he’s not dead. What the hell are you on, man? What the bitch…this comment just dumbfounds me.

  19. NeptuneMS385 says:

    Goddamn Eric Judy pounding out that sexy bassline. Dramamine is one of? the reasons I got into playing bass…and Float On.

  20. Bitterbrush Bob says:

    Umm. *Maybe* the best version I’ve ever heard of Dramamine recorded by a microphonethat sounds like its packed in a bucket of wet sand. But then? there are a lot of competitors.

  21. TheLastManic says:

    Man thank you for posting this man i’m so excited to see this song played live and so wonderfully I am so thankful to have? been in the Era of Modest Mouse Of Isaac brock. Modest Mouse changed me and so I must go about preaching the word of the Mouse. It’s just so amazing what can i say besides it really saved my life.

  22. sk8nsnow14 says:

    this was when they? were at their PRIME. they will never touch this again.

  23. theEPICroboticTHING says:

    Best version/song/piece of epic epicness of? Dramamine EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Skapunkfan1 says:

    Thanks!!!! Hey, kinda off topic but, what happened to the rest of The Variety Playhouse setlist? That’s my favorite show and it killed? me to not see it on there :^(

  25. flyrocket19 says:

    hey, I just learned how to play this song. It’s pretty easy. For the “main riff” He’s playing 9 7 9/12 9 7 on G then move up to D 9 7? 5/7 9 5. That’s how it goes in the studio version but he’s just playing a veriation of that hammering on and pulling on different notes and doing some trills too. Just mess around with it. And for some accurate tabs to help you out with that check out songsterr. hope that helps.

  26. Skapunkfan1 says:

    Hey, does anyone know how? to play this variation of the main riff for guitar?

  27. Skapunkfan1 says:

    It’s? all on the G string o for the intro. it’s 9–7–5.

  28. nh8060 says:

    LOVE the end where? they switch to life like weeds

  29. EKstudios says:


  30. StaffanHalle says:

    One of the best songs ever? made.