CTV’s “I Believe” Montage After Sidney Crosby’s Gold Medal Goal in Men’s Hockey


CTV’s short montage showcasing highlights from Canada’s Gold Medal Victory in Men’s Ice Hockey after Sidney Crosby scores the winning goal in sudden death overtime at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The “I Believe” anthem is performed by Nikki Yanofsky. This montage aired moments after the game-winning goal. Video courtesy of CTV/IOC. Captured from CTV-HD in Vancouver, BC on February 28, 2010. No infringement of copyright intended.
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20 Responses to “CTV’s “I Believe” Montage After Sidney Crosby’s Gold Medal Goal in Men’s Hockey”

  1. Maurice Bear says:

    I remember this moment when? Canada won, I was so happy and crying at the same time when the Golden Goal came. :’D

  2. bkeefe1993 says:

    Iggy passin on the tourch to Crosby, I couldnt think of two better players to win this game for? Canada ! Big fan from Newfoundland !

  3. jillmurraymusic says:

    definitely one of my favorite moments of vancouver so hard to believe that? sochi is only a year away it seems like just yesterday vancouver ended

  4. Kevin Currie says:

    Hard to believe that Vancouver was two? years ago

  5. barjinder8 says:

    Quebec had the 2nd most players on the team with 4. This is in order:
    Ontario – 8
    Quebec – 4
    BC/Saskatchewan – 3 each
    Manitoba – 2
    Alberta/Nova Scotia – 1 each
    (Germany) – 1 (Dany Heately)
    So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say there weren’t many

  6. Jose Taboada says:

    Another moment I’ll never forget. All by myself for some damn reason lying down on my couch hugging a pillow and almost in tears just praying for a Canada goal. The minute Crosby scored I screamed and jumped so high that I almost hit my ceiling and my dad scared in the other room because of my reaction.

    Favourite? Olympic Games ever.

  7. barjinder8 says:

    On the last day of the Olympics, to win the record 14th gold medal, in Canada’s? favourite sport, on the last day, in overtime, Canada’s top player receives the puck and puts it in the back of the net to lift an entire nation to it’s feet. Picture perfect goal. GO CANADA!!!

  8. Michael Cummings says:

    Best video on YouTube. ?

  9. selannekariya says:

    I love remebering this moment. One of the greatest moments ever.? It was crazy as just 5 minutes before he scored I said to my mum “Hey, Sidney’s been quiet in this game” and then he scored. Crazy.

  10. chadbrochill14 says:

    i remember being in my dorm room at school with a bunch of friends watching this… i remember being devastated when parise tied the game, and i was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t real.. but it was. then i remember watching crosby score that goal, going nuts with my friends, then coming out of our room, and literally watching every other door in the? hallway opening up with people piling and having a huge party in the hallway. haha it was unreal.

  11. dubleo99 says:

    How did ctv? make this montage in time. Canada just scored

  12. zacher66 says:

    @QESTeam Most Canadians aren’t? very proud of Quebec either.

  13. RaginMoose100 says:

    @QESTeam You should be? proud to be Canadian every day!!!

  14. chicharongrilledpig says:

    i miss hearing the words “GO CANADA GO” this is such a wonderful moment i almost cry at that day u could just feel the pride and? joy in our nation

  15. TheMajorturtles says:

    still brings a tear to my eye :’) best Olympic team I’ve ever seen!?

  16. adennis126 says:

    unforgetable…just so proud of being? a Canadian

  17. vancouvercanucksfan9 says:

    Still get goosebumps after 2 years GO CANADA GO! I am a proud CANADIAN?

  18. maximum1able says:

    I believe? for 2014

  19. kevch88 says:

    Great to see a nation come together as one. When religion and race doesn’t matter, everyone is equal. Too bad it only? happens once every four years.

  20. NukkuSama says:

    I watched this,
    I tried to hold back my tears…
    I failed.

    Canada? -3