CTV’s Final “I Believe” Montage Preceded By Brian Williams’ Closing Comments From Vancouver

Brian Williams wraps up his final broadcast of Olympic Primetime from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games after the Closing Ceremony. Williams comments are followed by CTV’s final montage showcasing key events from the Games, featuring the “I Believe” anthem sung by Nikki Yanofsky and Annie Villeneuve. Video courtesy of CTV/IOC. Captured from CTV-HD in Vancouver, BC on February 28, 2010. No infringement of copyright intended.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “CTV’s Final “I Believe” Montage Preceded By Brian Williams’ Closing Comments From Vancouver”

  1. vitoduval says:

    London? did a great job, I think the London organizers hoped it would be a commonwealth vs, rest of the world

  2. umokthenok says:

    Can I just say. I think it’s a pretty song & I have nothing against it. I liked hearing it again this year but, after the 1st 50 times or so it started to? do my head in. It would get stuck in my head for a bit & I was like ahhhhhhhhhh. Even if I muted it 2seconds into it it was still stuck in my head.

  3. blkjock81 says:

    You’re in luck. This song is owned by Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium and is distinctly part of their branding and marketing campaign. CBC has no rights? to this song whatsoever. If CBC chooses to have a theme song for their coverage, they’ll have to come up with something else 🙂

  4. umokthenok says:

    yay I hope CBC doesn’t inherent this song for when they do Sochi & Rio. I’ll scream? if they do.

  5. NFLfanatic08 says:

    I don’t think there’s ever going to be anything else that brings a country together with pride and passion than the Vancouver 2010? Olympic Winter games. Still brings tears to my eyes and it always will. Best Olympics ever.

  6. earl77 says:

    10 dislikes?! Must be the U.S.? hockey team.

  7. hvitekristesdod says:

    4:44 I lose? it every time… *wiping up tears*

  8. barjinder8 says:

    Picture perfect Olympics. Picture perfect ending. GO? CANADA

  9. earl77 says:

    Nothing makes me more proud to be? Canadian than watching this video. These were our best games.

  10. MalcolmBucklund says:

    London tried to? emulate Vancouver and I think they did it very well! Two world class cities, two world class games. I doubt we’ll see Games like either of these for a long time!

  11. ForFreedomAlone says:

    I think UK has experienced something? like this this summer. What a winter that was!! First time I really felt Canadian.

  12. 686famous686 says:

    that goal? almost brings tears to my eyes….

  13. yvoe9 says:

    This? makes me so sad 🙁

  14. DannyandPatty says:

    CTV’s done with the? Olympics tomorrow. Screw CBC, I want 5+ channels playing the games, not just one.