Cruise Ship Timelapses

Cruise Ship Timelapses

Beautiful timelapse photography shot onboard cruise ships between 2009-10 in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Alaska.
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Carnival Fascination Renovation - Carnival Cruise Ships

Find out how Carnival Cruise Lines ”renovated” a 70000 ton ship! Get more details at Carnival Fascination resumed its four- and five-day schedule from Jacksonville. After a million renovation that added a new water park, an adults-only retreat, a redesigned main pool area and 98 balconies. The Carnival Fascination is the sixth ship to receive the upgrades.

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  1. Wayneman117 says:

    HEY!? Very nice video,thanks for sharing.

  2. DJSvaus says:

    *_____________*? <3

  3. kodyxbear says:

    dont know if I missed? it, but what is the name of the track used? pretty slick DnB track really…

  4. glebsterinc says:

    Music needs to be replaced with the South? Park Cash for gold music.

  5. megahypersuperhero says:

    I am making motorboat? sounds while watching this video.. brrrrr

  6. Irishmon85 says:

    Thank you for not? posting this with dubstep song. DnB Forever!

  7. spaceblanket says:

    Nice !! Thanks ;-)?

  8. dubbys says:

    Dubrovnik Looked? Interesting.

  9. dablaire89 says:

    vancouver? is beautiful

  10. JostenDooley says:

    Wow Thanks for sharing this.? Definitely must’ve been fun to travel all of those places.

  11. norfy says:

    should have used the south park cash 4 gold? song


  12. doubleas2380 says:

    Thanks? for spending so much time making this and then sharing it with us all, its amazingly relaxing =)

  13. mrboxhead91 says:

    i clicked? on this video hoping to hear the south park cash for gold song in the background

  14. CHADarK758 says:

    Did you enjoy that? job ?

  15. focaatdisney says:


  16. kiwifruit999 says:

    nice work?

  17. iampeeay01 says:

    wonderful video… when my savings are good enough for me to have a vacation the first thing? that i wanna do is to go on a cruise.. for the mean time am gonna work my as* off to save money… 🙂 thanks for sharing this video… 🙂

  18. Masterkill852 says:

    This is a brilliant video. Especially the part that suddenly stops to? let the glacier fall. Makes for a powerful message

  19. Masterkill852 says:

    This is a brilliant video. Especially the part that suddenly stops? to let the glacier fall. Makes for a powerful message

  20. lapa826 says:

    one? of these days I’ll go on a cruise 🙂

  21. farioff says:

    amazing.? congratulations. i made one time lapse on the Majesty too, but yours is just amazing.

    who’s the video maker?

  22. Laimonel says:


  23. einomies says:

    OMG the color of the sea in Alaska is? just amazing

  24. ideastoday says:

    – Exactly right. I took a cruise on Fantasy right after it had the same Evolutions upgrades. Just booked a 5 day cruise on Fascination for $209 per person. We have also done higher end cruises, but the sea is also our favorite part of any cruise. The old Fantasy class ships are not as impressive as the new ships, but you can have a great little vacation for about the? price of a weekend getaway.

  25. Marissa4673 says:

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  26. alexwohlbruck1 says:

    is? this the fantasy now?

  27. homeric9 says:

    Another old Carnival ship getting a what. Hopefully this one will not burn like so many before? her.

  28. RelativeVirtualAir says:

    I went on the Facination a few years back. Not the biggest ship I’ve been on, but some of the best times!?

  29. cruisesstar22 says:

    Oh yeah? I forgot. My Aunt went on the Facination and she says its beautiful she posted pics and the atrium is beautiful!

  30. cruisesstar22 says:

    Its the same as the? Sensation diff interior design. Lame..Im gonna be glad to leave the Fantasy then goin on Destiny!

  31. MaxTheCrystalSkull says:

    I’ve been on the ship. I think they? did a good job with the renovation. The cabins were very comfortable, the food was passable, always, sometimes quite good, and the service was excellent. Whether I’ve paid $400 or $4800 for a cruise (I’ve paid both amounts, and many amounts in between) what I find myself doing more than anything else, is simply observing, almost communing with the sea. Carnival allows me that just as well as the luxury lines.

  32. foamykitten says:

    love the? songgg haha

  33. cruisesstar22 says:

    i really hope carnival puts balconys on the fantasy some time soon..cause im goin on the fantasy and ive been diein to? have a balcony and for 6days… carnival yew still rock! =)

  34. ownership10 says:

    Water in cabin!!!?

  35. WamsWarrior says:

    it is because i? HAVEN’T talked to her in a while!!!!!!!!!

  36. WamsWarrior says:

    Ok but it is atleast nice to put some make up on every once in a while. Atleast Carnival makes their money? and their guest are happy.

  37. homeric9 says:

    Sadly all I post are facts.

    Speaking of facts you should check out the posts to HAL’s CEO on the cruise section? of USA Today. The sheer number of complaints and disappointments on recent activity with HAL is simply staggering.

    Ckeck it for yourself.

  38. WamsWarrior says:

    What the!!!!!!!!! Meagan!!!! You? got another account!!!! That’s great!!!!! Now we can be friends again!!!. How have you been? =]

  39. bhulverson says:

    Thanks for the behind the video, Carnival! It’s always neat to see the? behind the scenes videos. I have been on that ship and would love to go back to see the changes.

    Get lost Homeric9!

  40. Maasdam1993 says:

    Finally some one who notice Homeric9 hate toward Carnival and? brands. He’s so full of his own right. He thinks he know facts but in real he knows nothing. Just ignore him he’s not worth it.

  41. kdproductions2008 says:

    always great? to see an older ship get a new lease of life but them balconies look ridiculous.

  42. WamsWarrior says:

    Cool. I would love to go on a ship right before and right? after it get rafurbished.

  43. denman04 says:

    Homeric9 I notice you comment? on most videos having to do with Carnival. If you hate the company so much why do you watch and comment on their videos? Are you an ex employee of Carnival that was fired ?? You’re coming off very pathetic. More “pathetic” than the balconies ..

  44. homeric9 says:

    It’s sending an old girl inot the ladies room to freshen herself. This class of ship is hopelessly dated..marketed to a segment who demand little and spend a great deal. These balconies are just pathetic looking..they? literally look liked they were lego’d on. A cheaper way of generating more revenue..why bother to build a new ship…considering the old ones are crammed with ammenities they were never designed to take..and crash into things they are not supposed to.