Cruise ship sinking.

Passengers aboard the cruise ship Oceanos begin to panic when the ship starts sinking. To make matters worse, the captain and most of the crew have already abandoned ship, leaving them to die.
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  1. whrobins431 says:


  2. MarylineGAP says:

    Hi there,

    I work for a company which realize documentaries.
    We’d like to use it and try to find the owner.
    Would someone? know where this video could come from ?

  3. TheMickscott99 says:

    Yeah the saying goes “A? good Captain never leaves his ship even when its sinking”

  4. MrFraserFilms2009 says:


  5. messymindfreak43 says:

    captain of other ship: what rank are you?
    guitarist: i am a guitarist
    other captain: what the hell you doing on the bridge
    guitarist: im the? only one here

  6. abckokojs says:

    Dont forget the cameraman!?

  7. Grouchysmurflover says:

    Thats why i? take star cruises

  8. TheSamtheman337 says:


  9. djmiles099 says:

    This is why I’d never go on a cruise.
    Not because of fear that the ship would sink
    but that, if the ship were to sink, the captain would be an ass and? escape, leaving us to die.

  10. everhardable says:

    some… but not all greeks r great at shit of this type ……i can say? because i know that …..

  11. dinocat64 says:

    Titanic? all offer again

  12. 380gb says:

    nope, i guess? i must have missed that part.

  13. littleboyred1 says:

    Normally i’d thumbs-down a comment saying? to thumb up, but this one deserves it.

  14. peeking09 says:

    Serious? thumbs up to the entertainers…they did a hell of a great job

  15. TheDirkFace says:

    Talk about a Guitar? Hero…

  16. NEStriker1 says:

    how the hell have i not seen this on? the news!?!

  17. DeathWish1974 says:

    Didn’t read the fine print.

    ” if ship sinks then the captain? and crew head out too sea! Goodluck! “

  18. MrTecolote310 says:

    That? Captain is a peace of shit!!!!!!