Cruise ship hits USS Intrepid Pier

Cruise ship hits USS Intrepid Pier

Filmed from 11 th floor of the cruise ship

8 Responses to “Cruise ship hits USS Intrepid Pier”

  1. LesTroisOiseaux says:

    “great job” and “ship hits USS Intrepid Pier” don’t match.

    It’s like “I did a great? job driving my car in difficult windy/rainy conditions, but hit the side of a building. People there talked to me and said I was a ‘great guy’,” so it wasn’t my fault.

    Don’t they use tug boats anymore and depend too much on their bow thruster? On a day like this tug boats may have made docking uneventful. Of course, the cruise line doesn’t want to pay.

  2. GeoffreyGodshall says:

    He was full power on the engines and bow thrusters right after impact. Too little, too late. Though under those conditions, that may have been the only way to do it. I, for one, couldn’t do as? good a job. It’ll buff out.

  3. Flyssc1 says:

    If a ship tilted over for some reason or other, the poor Concorde? could get crushed. Not a place to keep her. She needs to be indoors. 🙁

  4. andyrad29 says:


  5. jmchiaradio says:

    And for the record, there indeed was a 40Kn wind that day, and the current was definitely swift on an ebb flow (Hardly 30 mph, I’m guessing 8-10Kn). I think the Captain did a great job getting us in considering.? Thanks for your critique though. What would I have done without you today?!

  6. jmchiaradio says:

    My remark was simply stating that after? this event, (or non-event which ever side you’re taking,) he was going to need an even longer vacation having made the news bumping the Intrepid pier. I’m sure his buddies and peers will be ribbing him. Especially on this day, when the news crews were swarming all over the docks in preperation for the shuttle flyover.

  7. jmchiaradio says:

    Dieromantic…. Guess you told me huh? Phew.. Thanks! First, off, the Captain actually is at the helm. I spoke to him personally. The Pilot only guides and consults. The Captain is the master of the vessel and responsible for embarking and disembarking. Secondly, I wasn’t putting? down the captain. He actually is a great guy! He just happened to be leaving the ship that day for long over due vacation.

  8. billy9038 says:

    Never mind. It was Norwegian Star. First visit to NY which is? probably why the captain had problems.