Cruise Ship CREW This is a Demo of a new cruise-related documentary about how, in the past, single nationality crew members were employed by shipping companies and now nearly the whole cruise industry employs a multi-national crew. Your Host, barry Vaudrin, with Cruising Authority, takes you on this journey with expert commentary by legendary maritime author and historian John Maxtone-Graham, and cruise industry Journalist Ted Scull. You’ll also hear from Douglas Ward, top executives with NCL and even Gavin MacLeod who use to play the Captain on the Love Boat. This is somewhat of a pilot for hopefully a new TV show about the the cruise industry.
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17 Responses to “Cruise Ship CREW”

  1. visor109 says:

    What’s the ship in back of you at the? beginning? The reason I ask is because your microphone looks like Mickey Mouse ears.

  2. alistair twilley says:


  3. samm1809 says:

    I wouldn’t say you’re wrong, but nevertheless, that sounds like media training talking…?

  4. VMAdventures says:

    I put a lot of emphasis on John Maxtone-Graham because he is a legend in ocean liner / cruise ship history.?

  5. VMAdventures says:

    So sorry you had a poor experience…it’s not the norm…99% of the cruise passengers come off the ship with a positive experience…not to discount your? bad experience of course, because it does happen rarely.

  6. CaptainVasily says:

    Let us know how it goes and whether you’ll do it? again.

  7. CaptainVasily says:

    “Mixed nationality” is hardly a “utopia.” The reason for flags of convenience is to get the cheapest possible crew with the least amount of government regulation. The end result is you have a giant can of nasty food, disease, safety hazards, assaults and miserable crew. As a passenger, don’t dare get sick because you’ll get dumped “on the fly” onto a launch boat, with or without your luggage, so the ship can keep it’s break-neck schedule. You get what you pay? for.

  8. tunafishjoe says:

    Why did you put so much focus and effort on the elderly men’s fond memories of? the old single nationality cruise ships?

  9. alwayson09 says:

    I worked for NCL on Pride of Aloha, made it only 6 weeks, When that ship docked in Honolulu I grabbed my bags and got the hell off, didn’t even tell anyone. It was pure slavery, of course I am American and it’s true, most Americans cannot handle the hours. We cruise on Royal Caribbean now as passengers and love it, but I treat the? crew with so much respect and tip them VERY well! I believe that all passengers should have to work on cruise ships for awhile to see how it really is.

  10. VMAdventures says:

    Hold on…I use to work on the ships too.? Sorry you had a negative experience working on the ships.

  11. maarciel1111 says:

    Mr Barrow,
    Your video doesn’t show any of the aspects of life on the cruise ship.You should have talked to the crew members instead of officers and cruise industry experts that have no clue about todays conditions of life and work onboard. I worked onboard a ship for 7 months as a slave and i was forced to humble everyday towards demanding spoiled passangers? who care only about what’s for dinner/lunch /breakfast. They hardly go out in ports.They produce a lot of waste and pollution,

  12. knurri says:

    @89pile- did you have the option of leaving? if you didn’t like the job?Yes.Did you stay even though knowing the conditions? Yes. No sick day? I doubt it- especially when working with food. I guess that is how Norovirus gets started. I don’t buy that they made you work when sick.In your 13 hour shift I’m sure you had meal breaks. I currently do 14-16 hour days and I’m not even on a ship. I knew what I signed up for and no one is holding a gun to my head to do the job.

  13. 89pile says:

    because pay isn’t that high. Americans only work as officers, but even that is rare. Even Australians? and Brits are rare…

  14. 89pile says:

    dud….im tellling? you about my own exp….you will so for your self after 3rd month XD….still im going back to the ship…for one more contract after that im going to find some hotel abroad…better pay and work hours. Still slavery part depends on departmant your working in. I work as a cook.. 6 month contract every day 13h not a single day of or a sick day. Physically its not a problem, but mentaly you crack up. No time to go out side, only in closed space with no windows.

  15. knurri says:

    People that seek work on the ships are aware of the situation they are getting themselves into. Perhaps you need to learn the definition of “slavery”. Are they on the ship with guns held to their head? No. Are they free to leave anytime? Yes. So STFU. I’m about to start my first? 8 month contract and am fully aware of what I am getting into.

  16. CruiseLiker says:

    Very interesting documentary. Congratulations. We had shared it on our page as it should be shown to all crewmembers or to people willing to work as a crew onboard Cruise Ships. And, for all those who loves Ships Life, join us? at wwwcruiselikercom. Happy New Year to all of you!

  17. 89pile says:

    well…its a slavery…but its a great job to bring money back to home because u either dont got time or on what? to spend it