cruise ship almost tips over

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16 Responses to “cruise ship almost tips over”

  1. ebrown2469 says:

    hand sanitizer? anyone?

  2. bikasran says:

    oh my god,its? terrifying

  3. Bloodklok says:

    yeah a cruise ship can take alot like ALOT (like ive heard of cruisers hitting 40 foot? waves and yeah, surviving ) thats y u never hear a cruise ship sinking you only hear a cruise ship crashing in bolders/rock or something!or a dumn captin!

  4. pedromoratalla says:

    Some of these comments don’t make sense. Obviously the waves are moving the boat and it? comes close to tipping over. The water is not sitting still while the boat is just rocking back and fourth. Fat people are not the ones that are rocking the boat back and fourth. What!

  5. MouseRuns BrainWorks says:

    Or? break dancing.

  6. hovertrixx says:

    can we do that again?? 😀

  7. syannsyain says:


  8. 061369317 says:

    This is not the ‘Love? boat’ anymore, it’s the ‘hate boat’ !

  9. Yepprd says:

    Carnival’s got the? fun!

  10. rimajol808 says:

    Oh My Goodness..Those Wave Are? Not Kidding, They Like Rock That Motha F**!Er Till It Tip Over..

  11. allen murphy says:

    lol they would need to? stp then ctfu

  12. Sabie0 says:

    da fuq engineered that ship, they need to go back to rc controlled ships or? some shit.

  13. Jarden2311 says:

    This is clearly fat people trying to jerk?

  14. BriTear1 says:

    This is? why I don’t go oh ships

  15. 0b3yM3BH says:

    I bet those passengers were like “DAFUQ?? Someone call Jesus Man”

  16. 1990Bad300ZX says:

    nope? they all died, didn’t you here? It was called the last love boat!