Cruise Ship Accident

Cruise Ship Accident

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  1. heavenlydeal55 says:

    U gonna die?

  2. vincentchunkitcheng says:


  3. David Roldan says:

    This is? not funny!

  4. anivillechris says:

    3:11 O.O?

  5. toejam498 says:

    everyone wants their money back what a bunch of idiots. its called? nature. you take your chances

  6. Werdudaichda says:

    ab 2:25 “Eine Seefahrt die ist Lustig eine Seefahrt? die macht Spaß” *würgkotzbrech*

  7. sheetbug says:

    Sounds like you’ve spent some jail time….? experience picking up the soap?

  8. JamieMacLive says:

    At 1.43,? I think its Larry David

  9. 3ruffy45 says:

    Lol but? a bit frightening , I’m going on a cruise in a few months but I don’t trust boats

  10. xXSolomonxXx says:

    That’s what happens when everybody gets free drinks, That everything? moves around

  11. kfkle9 says:

    Ship is the Grand Voyager. Hit by a Freak wave feb 14th 2005 whitch broke throug the Bridge windows and fried the electronics. Short curcuits disabled the propultion system so the ship was drifting in the storm until the emergency power kicked in and the crew restored control over her. 20 people were injured but no further casulties. she made it to Cagliari, Sardinia on the morning of the 15th. But they were lucky? about 10 ships more than 200 m long are lost to freak waves every year.

  12. Thiflankero says:

    Okay, everybody? to the dance floor!!!

  13. jazzoday says:

    omg for some reason thts sooo funny!! i know its not supposed to be but lol it keeps going this way and tht and i love when tht? dude flies over the poker table xD did anyone die there O_O

  14. tritonrocks says:

    Nice. I can tell those were 50? to 60 foot waves – the ship had to be listing at least 30 degrees to get that kind of motion on board.

  15. torbocplusplus says:

    My husband worked? in cruise ship… im scared with this video..