Cruise- Florida Georgia Line Lyrics

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14 Responses to “Cruise- Florida Georgia Line Lyrics”

  1. joeyguelcher says:

    you really goin on about vw? first off, my jeep could beat either one? of those at anythin, and second off, GTFO!

  2. gat0rgirl13 says:

    I live? on the FL GA line!!

  3. bowhunter1270 says:

    Dodge hemi? 5.3 /4 door 2008 way to go. Dodge is the best

  4. lauren nicole says:

    i listen to this song everyday! its gets me? up for school lol

  5. johnmcq232 says:

    you have to be the biggest idiot when? it comes to vehicles that there is

  6. Buddy23ize says:

    I? bet my buddies Jetta will drag your peterbuilt, if you even got one.

  7. peterbilt588 says:

    prius and vw are junk? and are a wimps car that lives in the city

  8. Buddy23ize says:

    Obviously the Toyota Prius is the best car around, not dodge, ford, or chevy and the VW Jetta TDI Golf is the? strongest diesel out there.

  9. Marissaroo4545 says:

    This is the best song ever!!!! Everytime i am? in the car i turn it up real loud

  10. emilyosment5551212 says:

    Love it I wanna love? in the country so bad I want a cabot bf

  11. aench says:


  12. cataloger1kimberlya says:

    cool song and great? singers!

  13. karebear9080 says:

    Love? this

  14. 22ManBand says:

    I agree with? Walt Kowalski here