Cross Canada

Cross Canada

Das Video zeigt die Vielfalt und Highlights Kanadas als Reiseland. Vancouver und Toronto als pulsierende Metropolen, die Niagarafälle und auch die Rocky Mountains zeigen die verschiedenen Facetten Kanadas und erwecken die Reiselust!
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Artist: Snak The Ripper ? Song Title: Forgotten ? Directed by Simon Shanke ? Beat Produced by N-Jin (Austria) ? First release off Snak’s upcoming album, ”White Dynamite” ? Song will be available on HHC West Coast Mixtape ? White Dynamite Coming Soon on Camobear Records ? Sponsored by Ephin Apparel & Stompdown Killaz ? Check Snak The Ripper here:
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14 Responses to “Cross Canada”

  1. XxFourTwentyxX says:

    It seems that people forgot a lot more than? that.

  2. XxFourTwentyxX says:

    Im hoping your first comment was just drunk typing, cuz you need 2 go back 2 school if not. I’m all for abbreviating but you? seem below the level of a middle schooler.

  3. iSkateBoard10 says:

    anywhere i could get? some of Snaks work fo free homies? besides youtube rip?

  4. Dreadonator says:

    thats better…?

  5. MrMarakas21 says:

    This? is dope…!Respect from Greece…!

  6. Illia Musinov says:

    SICK!!!!! only word? that comess

  7. shagtreez209 says:

    lol thanks mane, cheers. that guys just a? douche

  8. Rafaelmiramadi says:

    Sir you are a tro artist when it? comes to make ppl rage much respect

  9. evecrook203 says:

    dope track!?

  10. GraffitiFeet says:

    lyrics on? my channel!!!!!!!!!

  11. pichirisu says:

    I’m all down for you doing what you want and smoking cigarettes… But honestly, I’m not going to? lie, for some reason out of all people in my life, you’re part of that group where I would actually feel terrible if I lost you to something so small. I wish you wouldn’t smoke. :’|

  12. KingStyla67 says:

    This is brilliant.
    Not? brilliant for a unknown MC.
    Just brilliant.

  13. cheezBurger420 says:


  14. marknesium says:

    zion i? – how many