Crew Cabins – Disney Cruise Line Jobs

Ready for roommates? Sharing a cabin with fellow crew members might be part of your onboard experience if you join Disney Cruise Line. Check out this video to get a glimpse of what you can expect, as current crew talk about their home away from home. For more information or to apply visit,!
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Secrets of the Italian Cruise Ship Disaster

Last week tragedy struck off of the coast of Italy when the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized off the coast of Tuscany. We have all been hearing some parts of the story emerging from that scene, but what important secrets has the main stream media been leaving out? What lessons can we learn from this event? We know the crew of the cruise ship acted selfishly and out of self-preservation, leaving the passengers to drown. Many of the passengers who did survive ignored the recommendation from the cruise line crew that, “there is nothing to worry about”. This teaches us that those who blindly put their trust in an all dominating authority or nanny state only put themselves in the position to be the victims of unending corruption.
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  2. nix272 says:

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  3. trinnysue says:

    thank you, I guess it’s inevitable what’s to happen and there’s really nothing you can do but just live your? life

  4. whyyesyes says:

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  5. annaloudon says:

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  6. aeufo0 says:

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  7. aeufo0 says:

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  8. walterk1874 says:

    It just brings? you down, like why the hell do I have to register my car every year, its bullshit and it stinks bad.

  9. trinnysue says:

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  12. trinnysue says:

    How does someone who doesn’t have a? lot of money really start preparing and defending themselves????

  13. eric5335 says: