Costa Concordia Cruise Ship disaster 2012 A ship off course

Source: BBC The owners of a cruise ship that hit rocks in Italy accuse the captain of veering off course to show the ship to locals on a nearby island. What happened? BBC shows all the facts known so far.

World's Toughest Fixes - Cruise Ship Engine

Sean Riley races the clock to help add a more than 200-ton engine in a luxury cruise liner, joining the crew as they rip out the ship’s guts and insert the engine by cutting through the 3-inch steel hull.

22 Responses to “Costa Concordia Cruise Ship disaster 2012 A ship off course”

  1. justplainsimsy says:

    im going? on a carnival cruise in september really scared

  2. odysatk says:

    hey guys….you dont have to blame the hole population of the italians just because the? captain of the ship was retarded…

  3. captlukehallschanel says:

    i survived it scary as? crap!

  4. thenuiscence2cence says:

    Needs more info?

  5. Eragon86micky says:

    yeah look? like Titanic 2 *.*

  6. TehEpicNumber17 says:

    Ship Building laws today kinda prevent ones? from Titanics Era….Mostly the fact Life Boats can’t be on the top decks of the ship…They more have to be in the center.

  7. TheAwesomevideos123 says:

    PLEASE!! GO BACK TO TITANIC TYPE SHIPS (but the? same rules apply)

  8. RoboTekno says:

    The should make catamaran design? cruise ships 🙂 At least tipping could be avoided a bit more.

  9. thweepz says:

    i asked the same question and got? an answer. the captain apparently made a tight turn to port so the water shifted to the starboard side causing it to list that way. im pretty sure if it was in deep water it would have listed back over to port. but since it ran aground it fell on its starboard side. i hope this helps

  10. DigitalLonestarX4600 says:

    so the ship takes damage on her port side but sinks starboard, anyone else? find this strange?? should she not have heeled to her damage, i mean listed to port, not starboard?

  11. themoonierammus says:

    “be very unsafe in an event of an accident” isnt that the same for any type of modern transport, a aeroplane, train, car, bus etc, all are an possible risk if you crash”, size wasnt the issue why the ship had human loses, infact cruise ships are one of the safest types of transport compared to the amount of human loss in cars etc each year, the reason why people died was because of human? errors purely, like not doing a escape drill before sailing, and delaying evacuation

  12. camilo06 says:

    AVOID TRAVELING IN SUCH A HUGHE SHIPS ! you could be? very unsafe in an event of an accident just imagen a height of over 17 floors !, meals would be with less quality I preume and the travelling experience would be such as Disneyland .

  13. Baldoki says:

    100 years ago?

  14. knutgordon says:

    Being a seafarer myself, this is why I’ll stick to cargo vessels. I’d rather be? in leak boat situation with a dozen trained men, than 4,000+ panicked passengers. What I don’t get is that said captain ran into a reef at night when half the pictures of the ship show not one but TWO lighthouses so close to the collision scene that they are in the foreground of the pics.

  15. knutgordon says:

    Reminds me of the Oceanos outside South Africa where the ships? musicians had to take over as the captain and his crew was the first off.

  16. Hyyra says:

    italians are idiots!!!!!! they are? nonsense captains who leaves boat before passangers!!!!!!!!!! impossibe !!!!!!!!

  17. RedTailedTuna says:

    Just don’t? let Italians or chines be captains of these ships and everything will be okay.

  18. Italianarutofansub says:

    @zereprd The precise term would be : TORNI A? BORDO CAZZOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  19. iaptus313 says:

    He waited 40 mins. before ordering abandon ship. The reason why? people people had to die.

  20. 2Bgrego32 says:

    the? reason the captain left his vote was because he saw an ufo

  21. pierix27 says:

    As you can see from the images, our commander Francesco Schettino he got the perfect bow! Please do not imitate, they are professional men.
    Mister Monti as Shettino for Italians! The situation is that we are blocked by days, nothing gasoline, nothing food and medicines, nothing of nothing, 60 years later? as into El Alamein’s battle to nowadays, one more time for German, we will be all dead.
    Welcome on firing line, to demonstrate our valour.

  22. Luke50041 says:

    I just got an ad to board a ship like this? one…