Cops Locate Man That Left Former Police Dog In Dumpster To Die

July 25, 2012 CBC News
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14 Responses to “Cops Locate Man That Left Former Police Dog In Dumpster To Die”

  1. SloterMFmeyer says:

    Is loyalty your measure?? How about innocence?

  2. SloterMFmeyer says:

    A remembrance vigil? For an unknown? dog? Seriously?

  3. sheepOG says:

    Obviously this? isn’t a real crime and there should be no state involvement.

    However, if this guy were my neighbour, I’d make his life a living hell.

  4. OnThatPowder says:

    That’s not saying much. Cockroaches? are more earthly than most humans. Glad they caught this guy.

  5. scottishbadboytracks says:

    What a waste of what would been a great dog for? a family
    R.I.P. Captain

  6. pvtpain66k says:

    Some people make? me believe in stoning as corporal punishment…

  7. hardkoregamer999 says:

    man’s best friend the irony,this story truly hurt’s really close to me. mostly because i have a german shepherd too really nice dog,but i don’t see what is the point of? killing you’r best friend i mean why?

  8. MyRiseToHonor says:

    Hell Yeah! As are most animals! They should charge that vile man like they would have if the dog was an active police dog! SMFH?

  9. PsychedelicRoadshow says:

    Dogs are much better? Earthly residents than most humans.

  10. landlogger says:

    Maybe a gang of? angels will extract justice for this dear dog who suffered so.

  11. Kaptain Kanada says:

    A police dog isn’t really a cop? and doesn’t deserve such a fate. Cops on the other hand are another story.

  12. Jahkillian says:

    I’m sure the cops punished him.. Probably? punishing him some more right now..

  13. fenrir805 says:

    It’s just? a dog.

  14. 408Magenta says: