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Tonight in Vancouver: Celebration of Light, UK
Vancouver Canada
Image by [Rikki] Julius Reque
It’s that time of the year again when thousands of people gather along English Bay to watch the world’s biggest off-shore fireworks competition, The Celebration of Light in Vancouver. This year UK started it with a bang (harhar), with fireworks set to James Bond music from the classics to Adele’s ‘If the Sky Falls’. They did a good job, although I feel like the James Bond theme is already worn-out and overrated. But no matter, watching fireworks – especially one THIS grand – is always fun and entertaining.

Sophie Yawn
Vancouver Canada
Image by vancityhotshots
"Daddy can we go home now?
The Wall Centre
Downtown Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Pride 2008
Vancouver Canada
Image by mutrock

7 Responses to “Cool Vancouver Canada images”

  1. reflectingonlife says:

    How wonderful! I love fireworks – super photo too Rikki

  2. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    Thanks, me too, they never cease to amaze me.

  3. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    One more:

    If the sky falls...

  4. missnattdotcom says:

    love it!

  5. vancityhotshots says:

    [] Awwwee Thank you!

  6. Rick & Bart says:

    It’s a giant dog ! A Beauty

  7. vancityhotshots says:

    [] Hahaha Thank you She is actually smaller than the "typical" beagle 🙂 Angles and zooms Ahhhhh.