Cool Vancouver Canada images

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

A meeting of minds
Vancouver Canada
Image by quinet
OK, here’s how you do this. 1) Find a suitable Christmas tree or set of lights.
2) Set your camera to "Night Shooting" mode, or the shutter speed to a couple of seconds.
3) Hold the camera in front of the tree and focus on the nearest light.
4) Click the shutter
5) Just before the shutter is about to open, toss the camera up in front of the tree with a flick of your wrist so that it spins in the air while the lens remains pointing at the lights.
6) Catch the camera before it falls!

Another great way to avoid doing anything meaningful and productive so you can waste time on Flickr!

USA Passport: Canada, Mexico, Belize, USA, Cambodia
Vancouver Canada
Image by dcgreer
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When I went across to MontrĂ©al for a day, the first stamp didn’t work so well, so I guess he tried a second time, with only slightly better luck. Interesting that I now have all three recent Canadian stamps on the same page!

Then a week-long trip to Mexico City and Oaxaca (faintly visible Distrito Federal stamp). Quick trip to Vancouver for Thanksgiving, and a later 2011 trip to Belize, Mexico, Guatemala! This page is now the NAFTA page (Canada, Mexico, USA)! Strangely, Belize gave no exit stamp from the airport. . .
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4 Responses to “Cool Vancouver Canada images”

  1. taylor.timperley says:

    This is amazing!!!

  2. dcgreer says:

    free counters

  3. alertfive says:

    Surprised the officer just didn’t write the date on it!

  4. pegase1972 says:

    At those small land borders, they are not used to stamp at all as they probably don’t see any Non-US, Non-Canadian there.

    This port is interesting as US and Canadian officers share the same building. I got a refusal to stamp at the US Side of this port.