Cool Vancouver Canada images

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Vancouver Canada
Image by Adam Nowek
Sun Wizard @ The Railway Club.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
15 May 2009.

Vancouver Harbor
Vancouver Canada
Image by EricGjerde
only a FEW clouds, rather than solid cloud cover. we had to go take some photos.

6 Responses to “Cool Vancouver Canada images”

  1. LattoMilko says:

    agh! this is amazing! my favorite of this set!
    heh, the guy’s got a telecaster. my favorite guitar 🙂
    i’m proud of you mr. adam sassy forward nowek! this rules!

  2. Adam Nowek says:

    Thank you!

  3. Ryan MacDonell says:

    Any visits to Stanley park while you were there?

  4. EricGjerde says:

    What’s stanley park?

    Seriously, I barely left the hotel – way too much going on! I hate missing folding and socializing opportunities 🙂

  5. Ryan MacDonell says:

    Oh, it wasn’t too far away. Its a park about as big as downtown Vancouver (where the pendulum gallery is). Heres a google maps link to it:…