Cool Vancouver Canada images

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

The Elbow Room Café
Vancouver Canada
Image by blazzzinred [vancityhotshots]
This famous Vancouver breakfast joint is more than just a restaurant. Its an institution in the gay community.

Its owners, a long time gay couple, always make the breakfast experience one never to be forgotten. People who frequent regularly know how fun it is to be bitched at, insulted and gladly accept the abuse!

More importantly, they started a "meals on wheels" type of foundation for HIV/Aids low income persons in Vancouver. If you don’t finish your plate, watch out! They will make you pay a donation. And make the whole place know!

I always finish my meal, but I can’t help giving a donation. You just have to go here when in VanCity!

Yaletown in downtown Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Pride Parade 2010
Vancouver Canada
Image by John Bollwitt
The things you have to do to get coupons for Nando’s at Pride Parade…

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  1. patricksavoie says:

    Thank you for you appreciation of the Elbow Room and what we have done for the loving spoonful —I hope that many other feel like you thank you

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    Hahahahahah … gold. 😀