Cool Vancouver Canada images

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Vancouver Christmas tree 2010
Vancouver Canada
Image by Hub?
The Vancouver Christmas tree right after its lighting ceremony, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Deliberately out of focus, no post-processing beyond RAW conversion.


Sunset Cherry
Vancouver Canada
Image by Junnn
Cherry Blossoms 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver Rowing Club in Autumn
Vancouver Canada
Image by bruce…
While we don’t get the same spectacular fall display in Vancouver as in other parts of Canada, I do enjoy a walk along the Stanley Park seawall on a sunny fall afternoon!

14 Responses to “Cool Vancouver Canada images”

  1. Evan Kemper says:

    works well on the christmas tree! i like how the lights seem to be floating on it

  2. Hub? says:

    It is when the camera was focusing that I noticed the effect. So I switched to manual focus for this shot 🙂

  3. juhan88 says:


  4. DeniseJC says:

    Very pretty, Bruce, with nice reflections.
    The sea wall was busy!

  5. janusz l says:

    Wonderful composition Bruce !

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  6. that owl says:

    Gorgeous! Hey, don’t complain…at least you have a "sea wall." 🙂

  7. dragonflydreams88 says:

    . . . beautiful!!! . . . I need to get back on a sunny day!!! . . . this is gorgeous!!!

  8. Chun@Vancouver says:

    Breath taking autumn colors and fantastic reflection!

  9. J Bespoy Photography says:

    This is really beautiful! It’s such a great scene with really wonderful colour. This is one of those shots that makes me feel pretty proud of our home!

  10. JL-CA says:

    Ahhh les couleurs du Canada en automne, superbes.

  11. Mandana (on and off) says:

    Gorgeous fall colors and shot!
    perfectly captured!

  12. louie12061 says:


  13. supermans wife aka shaggadelic_ru says:

    Beautiful Bruce, and the colors are just starting to show now.