Cool Vancouver Canada images

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Vancouver Canada
Image by csuspect
Canada Place, Vancouver, BC |

Lights of West Vancouver
Vancouver Canada
Image by Junnn
Siwash Rock, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

9 Responses to “Cool Vancouver Canada images”

  1. Chun@Vancouver says:

    Great work, Junn! I love the composition here.

  2. look beneath the floorboards says:

    love how the brighest light surrounds the rock… excellent composition.

  3. Herman Tse says:

    i love this pic, seriously. If I were there I probably would have thought that it was too dark to take any picture.

  4. Christopher M. says:

    Blue hour beauty!! 🙂

  5. Shohei Katsuki says:


  6. Junnn says:

    Chun@Vancouver, I took a lots of photos there because I didn’t have the tripod. I should have brought it:)

    look beneath the floorboards, Yeah, the silhouette of Siwash Rock was very beautiful! So I will bring it into focus accurately next time:)

    Herman Tse, Thanks! I needed to leave there asap because of the darkness (no lights in the park/seaside) but the scenery was very beautiful. You might change your mind:)

    Christopher M., it’s been a long time since I saw this kind of English Bay scene:)

    Shohei Katsuki, ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Eric Flexyourhead says:

    Herman: with our E-3s it probably would have been too dark to take the picture! 😉

    Excellent night shot, Jun… the lights of West Vancouver are magnificent!

  8. Shohei Katsuki says:


  9. Junnn says:

    ??????????????????5D Mark II??ISO??800?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????