Cool Vancouver Canada images

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Vancouver Transit Police 3
Vancouver Canada
Image by 2sirius
Police – Greater Vancouver Transportation Autority

Vancouver leaves along Oak Street 2007
Vancouver Canada
Image by Gord McKenna
Autumn leaves near Marpole School in southern Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club HDR 02
Vancouver Canada
Image by Benicio Murray
Taken on a stunning Fall afternoon on our visit to Vancouver, BC Canada. All week it had rained until this afternoon when the clouds parted and gave us this beautiful sunset.

We were due to have our first Thanksgiving with family an hour later so my wife was getting quite anxious and irritated every time I stopped to take a shot. It got to the point where I would set up the camera for the next picture while we made a fast shuffle towards the train station.
When I saw a composition I liked, I’d quickly stop, burn off the shots then rush after my wife while she was grumbling about being late and getting all flustered.

For the record, we arrived at Thanksgiving dinner with 20 minutes to spare. Oh, and Pumpkin Pie is really good!

Read more about our trip through Canada here:

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  1. Chris Horton Photography says:

    Nice silhouette

    Seen in your British Columbia set. (?)

  2. Mukul Banerjee ( says:

    Beautiful Capture Award

    commented with FlickrComment

  3. blackstation says:

    really good capture and nice edit