Cool Vancouver British Columbia images

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

PHOTO – Tonight in Vancouver: Mayan Art Deco Ceiling inside the Marine Building
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by [Rikki] Julius Reque
…and I’m a proud owner of the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8!

8 Responses to “Cool Vancouver British Columbia images”

  1. jdmarsh99 says:

    Wow – gorgeous!

  2. C. Foster says:

    Fantastic perspective Rikki! I have seen a few pics from inside the building but this is the first time I’ve seen one where you can see details of the ceiling. I keep saying I should go in there and haven’t (have walked by on many occasions). Seeing this, makes me want to do it. Wonder if one can get in there on the weekends? Hmmmm. I hear, I think it’s, the Vogue theatre (up on the Granville strip?) has Art Deco design. Have you ever been in there? Congrats on the Tokina and hope you have a great sun shiny day! :o)

  3. marin.tomic says:


  4. Mark Faviell Photos says:

    nice POV to really catch the details on the ceiling

  5. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    Thanks guys! Yes, you can go in/up during the weekends…. I think…. Candice I’ll have to check out the Vogue Theatre (inside too?) as well. I just passed by it today.

  6. Martin Smith - Taking a break, back soon! says:

    Congrats on your Tokina! You use it well!

  7. [Rikki] Julius Reque says:

    Thanks man! It’s exciting learning how to use it! Cheers!

  8. C. Foster says:

    *I think the Vogue has Art Deco inside too. I was supposed to go on an Art Deco walking tour a long time ago that didn’t end up happening, and The Vogue was on the list of buildings we were supposed to see. Hope you have a great weekend Rikki! :o)