Cool Vancouver British Columbia images

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

Vancouver Fire Rescue Medical Response
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Canadian Pacific
An emergency call at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel prompted the fire, police and ambulance to the scene.

It’s known as the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services.

Stormclouds over Coal Harbour
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by AaverageJoe
A looming stormcloud pounds Coal Harbour with hail.

5 Responses to “Cool Vancouver British Columbia images”

  1. Vladimir-911 says:

    Great photo! I see that they are proud of "Serving with Pride" it’s the boldest lettering on the truck!

  2. P h o t o - O n e says:

    when you smoke in the courts they come to put out your cigar i guess

  3. Canadian Pacific says:

    [] Yes I saw that too… I would think the lettering should add "and with bravery."
    [] No, that’s for the ambulance to come and pick up a Chinese man choking on his very first cigar.

  4. P h o t o - O n e says:

    they also rescue me from angry women

  5. Canadian Pacific says:

    [] The Sheep must prevent it at source by not upsetting the ladies.