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Autopsy stations in the Vancouver General Hospital morgue
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by Vancouver Coastal Health
Gurneys are moved to these autopsy stations so that pathologists and assistant can conduct autopsies, also known as post-mortem examinations. Once an autopsy is complete the organs are returned to the body and an assistant sews the body back together, so that an appropriate and respectful funeral/burial may be held.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s Vancouver General Hospital morgue is where bodies are stored until they are identified and claimed, or until arrangements for burial or cremation are made. The VGH morgue also performs autopsies in order to determine how someone died.

Today in Vancouver: Coffee-Stained City
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by [@travelfox] Julius Reque
Vancouver, like most North American Northwest city, LOVE it’s coffee. There’s virtually a coffee shop in every block. I’m not a big coffee drinker, until last winter when I started drinking frappuccinos to perk me up before work or meetings. Vancouverites are very social people and enjoy their coffee rain or shine. Unfortunately lately, it’s more rain than shine. I’m afraid I’m seeing the city through coffee-stained lenses after all the Vanilla and Mocha Frappuccinos I’ve been consuming.

Today in Vancouver: Hell Is Other People
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by [@travelfox] Julius Reque
it’s a weekday. It’s a beautiful day to be out and you got the day off. You proceed to "get away from it all" by hiking in the nearby woods. Alas, also nearby is a the Suspension Bridge at Capilano and unfortunately for you, not even a wobbly, wooden platform 460 ft long suspended 230 ft above the river could prevent other people from wanting to see it today.

A friend reminded me of the play "Hell Is Other People", and I thought for someone wanting peace and relaxation, it’s an appropriate description for the pic, but to be fair, I also feel a sense of homegrown pride – Vancouver is a beautiful place and I’ll just have to learn to share it. See you in hell?

24 Responses to “Cool Vancouver British Columbia images”

  1. chechnyatx says:

    Looks like what you’d see behind a meat/fish counter.

  2. Omri Suissa says:

    You really do blow me away!

  3. TylerIngram says:

    That’s my walk to work 🙂

  4. Brandur Coombs says:

    Great Shot the Title!

  5. Eyesplash - A summer of ups and downs says:

    oh please what rain? lol

  6. Matthew P Sharp 1984 says:

    Nice. Trees is still my favourite!

  7. reflectingonlife says:

    Love those coffee colours and the shapes of all the buildings and windows- perfect! We have had months of dry weather, just started to rain again – do you think we have swapped! (I don’t like coffee – or tea!)

  8. Filmshooter43 says:

    So appropriate for the downtown core. You could have added some cup rings over the image too. I love your inspiration.

  9. neimon2 (too busy, sorry for my temporary silence) says:

    Very good processing! i like the lines of the buildings outlined like that!

  10. TylerIngram says:

    I still find Lynn Valley to be better hehe
    Neat perspective though!

  11. [@travelfox] Julius Reque says:

    Tyler I agree with you. I’ve been there a couple of times with friends but by car. Frankly I don’t know how to get there by bus!

  12. TylerIngram says:

    [] Yea, I could see getting there by bus would be a bit of an adventure. That is a nice thing about Cap Bridge is you can take the Grouse bus to it.

  13. reflectingonlife says:

    Love your narrative Rikki – funnily enough one of my other flickr friends Peggy visited there from Newfoundland and I saw her picture of it a few days ago and said that I loved the bridge but I couldnt cope with the people! Its a lovely shot – beautiful light

  14. Michel Couprie says:

    Cool shot!! Love the lighting!

  15. Schill says:

    Ha. Wow! I guess there’s no posted limit on how many people can be on there at once(?)

  16. marinela 2008 says:

    Congrats on Explore !

  17. Photosequence says:

    Beautiful picture !

  18. [@travelfox] Julius Reque says:

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments and likes! Hope everyone’s having a nice Friday.

  19. botanopé says:

    bela imagem

  20. gato-gato-gato says:

    Gut gemacht, sehr schön.

  21. marin.tomic says:

    nicely seen!

  22. Lordstone Artwork says:

    Very beautiful work!

  23. fotograf1v2 says:

    There appears to be an enormous trust being placed on this suspended crossing, naive even! There is not always safety in numbers, but hopefully the engineers planned for such loadings! Congratulations on this great shot of a beautiful location and being ‘explored’ today!

  24. Reid2008 says:

    I agree with your feelings! Excellent image!
    Congrats on Explore!