Cool Vancouver British Columbia images

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

Today in Vancouver: The Dogwood Days of Summer
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by [@travelfox] Julius Reque
Heck if I know if this really is a dogwood tree, but hey, I thought it was a really catchy title. Summer is hanging on in Vancouver, tourists are still around and in the several beaches we have (not to mention Denman St) its nuts to butts like a packed subway car. Okay, perhaps another exaggeration but you know what I’m saying. Meanwhile in my little street in front on Bidwell, it’s just me, the sun and a row of fake dogwood trees.

98 98 B-Line
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by AaverageJoe
A messed-up destination sign on a TransLink articulated bus. The route that it is serving — the 98 B-Line — is no longer active, having been replaced by the Richmond-Airport-Vancouver Canada Line.

Granville Market, Vancouver, B.C.
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by **Mary**
Delivery trucks are constantly delivering fresh produce and flowers to the market.

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  1. BusShots says:

    A dead bus on a dead route…

    RIP 98B-Line