Cool Vancouver BC images

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CP 1239 1237 and poles Vancouver BC 2007_0621
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
Two SW1200s

Translink 2135 on wb 9 Broadway Vancouver BC 2007_0108
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
Seen on route 9 on Broadway westbound yesterday. These buses are now here in significant numbers and are appearing on a larger number of routes as a result. I suppose I should be recording the last days of the E902s, but I suspect that pressure of demand will keep some in service for a while longer (I hope so anyway).

Taking pictures of a moving bus in poor light in heavy traffic presents some interesting challenges and I am afraid that the Coolpix 4800 is not the best bit of equipment for dealing with them. This image is nowhere near as sharp as I would like.

6 Responses to “Cool Vancouver BC images”

  1. BCOL CCCP says:

    Nice shot of the power in the CP O yard on Kent! Any idea what those yellow towers are for?

  2. Stephen Rees says:

    Not a clue. I was hoping someone would tell me!

  3. el dubb says:

    Lookin’ sleek and futuristic!

  4. Morbit Photography 2008 says:

    nice 🙂

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  5. Kevin R Boyd says:

    I can recommend the Cannon SX200 is for an upgrade! Wish I had it with me when I was last in Vancouver…

  6. TheTransitCamera says:

    Nice shot anyways IMO. I usually have to throw out about 25% of the pictures I take with my compact camera when it’s really cloudy out, with the rest being average quality. I’m hoping the compacts will continue to improve in quality as I would like to buy another one in a year or so.