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SAFEWATER NEXUS – PROJECT HAITI -Learn how you can help!
Vancouver BC
photos by Safewater Nexus

SAFEWATER NEXUS – PROJECT HAITI -Learn how you can help!

Six days after the earthquake struck Haiti, SafewaterNexus was on the ground delivering urgent supplies to groups all over Port au Prince. Since then we have been a part of mobilizing multiple specialty relief teams, 400,000 pounds of food, water, tents and medical supplies, evacuations and are now developing intermediate and long-term rebuilding solutions designed to impact 10,000 – 20,000 people. This includes a new village community, school, orphanage, church, clean water project, garden initiative, medical clinic and mission compound.

1. Collect Supplies

If you have questions please call Jennifer Kandt at 423.276.6155 or email

Water Purification – Iodine Tablets and portable water filters
Basic Medical Supplies – Bandaids / Bandages, neosporin, alcohol, surgical gloves, first aid tape, Motrin, Tylenol (infant, children, adult), cleansing wipes, peroxide, anti fungal ointment, antibacterial hand gel, common antibiotics, etc.
Personal Hygene Products
Flashlights – Battery powered, LED, solar
Batteries – All Types/ sizes
Funding – Can’t donate items? That’s OK! We also need funding for transportation to Haiti and purchasing more items. All donation are tax-deductable.
Peanut Butter
Thin Blankets
Canned Milk
Powdered Formula
Canned Foods – Spam, Vienna Sausage, Vegetables, Fruit

2. Be a drop-off location

We will be adding more drop off locations as they are confirmed. If you would like to partner with us and be a drop off location for supplies, please call Jennifer Kandt at 423.276.6155 or email

Kingsport, TN
Vancouver, BC
Atlanta, GA
Bristol, TN
Bristol, VA
Kansas City, MO
Muncie, IN
Wilmore, KY

3. Give financially

4. Go to Haiti

BC Place Stadium.
Vancouver BC
Image by .mused™
Vancouver, BC.
Photo taken with iPhone4.
Instagram: @mused

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